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Term 3



To be tested 5/2/24


actually, although, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, build, busy 


To be tested 29/1/24: 


obviously, humorous, courageous, curiously, tremendous, eighteen, international, hastily, magically, autobiographies


To be tested 22/1/24: 


serious, glamorous, anxious, picture, creature, autograph, physically, rudely, accident, difficult


To be tested 15/1/24: 


grey, neighbour, weightless, reign, disobey, vein, international, antifreeze, angrily, automatically 


Star spellers: nearly, slowly, quickly, quietly, gladly, sadly, happily, speedily, easily, loudly 

MyMaths tasks have been set and logins sent home with the children. Spellings will follow in January. 

Attached below are some ideas should you wish to dress up for our Saxon workshop. This is entirely optional

Saxon Workshop Pictures