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Term 2

Kingfishers Carol Service 


Attached below are the videos and lyrics for our song 'When Love Was Born' which we will be performing at the Carol Service on 8/12/23. 



When Love Was Born Backing

This term, spelling tests will work slightly differently. Instead of doing a pre-test, we will be rehearsing spelling patterns daily and then testing the children, based on these spelling patterns, on the Monday. We will upload these spellings on a Friday should your child want to practise over the weekend. 


Week 4 (to be tested on 04/01/23):


comically, automobile, youngest, pleasure, intergalactic, international, interact, intermediate, antifreeze, submarine


Star spellers: boggy, foggy, muddy, dotty, funny, nutty, runny, sloppy, sunny, saggy 


Week 3 (to be tested on 20/11/23):


sadly, hastily, angrily, heroically, cheekily, magically, automatically, toughest, enough, displeasure


Star spellers: city, cell, exercise, mice, icy, cycle, fancy, notice, police, face 


Week 2 (to be tested on 13/11/23):


puncture, mistreat, trouble, touch, double, autobiography, autopilot, automatic, autocue, autonomous, 


Star spellers: wrap, wreck, wriggle, wrinkle, write, wrong, wrist, wrote, wrestle, altogether 


Week 1 (to be tested on 6/11/23):


misbehave, misspell, incomplete, disagree, inhuman, undo, treasure, enclosure, leisurely, measurement


Star spellers: all, tall, ball, call, fall, hall, wall, small, always, almost