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Sports Leaders


Every year our gifted in sports children are chosen to be Sport's Leaders.  This is a very sort after role. 

During their time serving as Sports Leads they may be asked to assist with the younger children's PE lesson, help set up equipment before the lesson begins and also help run intra competitions within the school. 


These children have high personal standards, show a positive image as a leader and possess the following attributes:


Positive Attitude, Confidence, Responsibility, Maturity, Organisational Skills, Respect, Reliability, Safety Awareness, Communication, Enthusiasm, Initiative and Effort.



Sports Leads 2022 



A young sports leader should:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every human being.  Sports leaders must treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion, age or ability.
  • Take all responsible steps to make sure the session is safe and enjoyable for all participants.
  • Have high personal standards and show a positive image as a leader.


Joshua N: "I considered becoming a sports leader to be a huge privilege.  This is something I wanted since I started in Reception class.  Now I have achieved my goal, I look forward to encouraging good sportsmanship and helping others in their sports lessons."



Sports Leads 2021




Children have had the opportunity to complete the London Mini Marathon in schools, which is 2.6 miles, 20 laps of the field.  On completion they will receive a certificate and a pin badge.


Coach Suv's heart was warmed with pride with the hard work and determination that she has seen in the children that have taken part in the Marathon already.


The positive effects exercise has on wellbeing and mental health is widely researched and we are hoping to install this in our pupils.




Dartford FC vs Oxford


We enjoyed watching the Dartford FC vs Oxford match on the 13th November 2021 with the children and their families.




The year 5 and 6 boys had their first football cup game in November 2021, which was extremely exciting!  Mason M was our Captain heading up the team, with the boys playing a brilliant game.  The final score sat at Holy Trinity 3 vs Wentworth 2.  Our scorers during the game were Mason W and Josh B.  Player of the match was Stanley W.


The Year 3 and 4 football festival for boys and girls took place at Dartford FC in November 2021.  The children were amazing, all putting in 100% effort and working together as a team.


The girls cup game against New Ash Green was held in November 2021.  Myla was our Captain heading up the team.  The final scare was 1:1, with the game going to penalties!  Holy Trinity won the game on penalties with the score of 5:2, all our penalties were scored!  Player of the match was Aviva B.


A big well done to all the teams!


Thank you to all parents that have helped support our sporting events.



Wicket Day 2021


In September 2021 we had Sporting Dreams come in to introduce cricket to all the school with a fun Wicket Day!  Wicket Day was all about the children's health and happiness and learning different skills.


Sports Day 2021


Sports Day 2021 took place in September 2021.  Everyone had a fantastic day, with all the children giving 100% in their activities!  We had high jump, long jump, shot put, vortex, sprint, long distance and relays. 


The winning team overall was Teresa - well done!


Also a big well done to all parents that took part in our fun tug of war!


Sports Day with a difference!


This Year has been a challenge for us all but the children rose to this occasion as they always do at Holy Trinity. We couldn't let this year go with out a Sports Day and so this year our Covid Sports Day 2020 was something to be proud of. The children were able to partake in their bubbles, socially distancing from other bubbles, but with the same atmosphere of our fabulous sports days from previous years. 


The children participated in events such as; high jump, long jump, speed bounce, triple jump, shuttle run, striker and Year 1 even had a hoola hooping championship! Ask your child which event they liked the best!

Holy Trinity  v Joydens Wood - Boys Cup Match


During the first half George C scored the first goal which was promising for Holy Trinity. Joydens Woods defending was good but we managed to break through. By half time the score was 2-3 to Joydens Wood. The rain was pouring but the match continued.

In the second half Joydens Wood came out fighting and played with more attack. We were struggling to keep up but we kept up our moral and encouraged each other. Five minutes into the second half Almamy scored and in the same minute we scored again! This was great and we felt like we could win. Unfortunately after this good run Joydens Wood continued to score goals. We tried hard but the final score was 4-7 to Joydens Wood


Match report by George C and Mofe

Holy Trinity v Sedley - Girl's Cup Match

Final Score 0-9

This was a disappointing result for Holy Trinity as they fought a hard game. Sedley were quick and good in attack. I am very proud of the girls as they showed resilience and determination all through the match in the face of defeat. They never once gave up and were a good team supporting each other. 

A big well done to Sedley's and we wish them all the best continuing in the cup.


Girls Cup Match

Match Report by Lotte Holy Trinity v St Paul's

Thursday 14th of November


The boys were victorious with a score of 6-0. Before the game, excitement was in the air. Pharell (captain) stated: “Hopefully we’ll score some goals, I think the score will be 3-1.” The match commenced; starting at 3:55. A few minutes in an we begin to push up into St Paul’s half. As we made a run, Pharell knocked a shot in the back of the net GOAL! Meanwhile, the defence stays strong; we kept possession. Leon broke through St Pauls’ defence and GOAL! Only 2 minutes from Pharell’s goal. Soon after, St Pauls’ were given the opportunity to finally play in our half. Luckily our defence stayed strong and they quickly intercepted one of their passes. Wanting more goals, we collect a few corners that were defended well but Pharell shot and St Pauls were not able to defend it… GOAL! The question everyone was asking was-Is Pharell able to get a hat trick?Then I’d like to say the GOLDEN GOAL of the day was scored. Almamy took a corner,that swerved, slipped out the goalies clutches,slipping into the goal into the GOAL!4-0 up, spirits were high. Could Rhys keep a clean sheet?





Our possession slips. Rhys sends the ball flying it launches into the air and George W headers it. I’d like to say George W has played terrifically today using his possession to his advantage. Thirsty for a third Pharell lobs a ball over the top. Unlucky! We pressurised the goalie picking up to ball from the box. Another amazing opportunity was made as Nathan shot from inside the circle missing by the skin of his teeth. Just before half time, from George’s defending strike Pharell uses his silky skills to pick up the ball and GOAL!





Second half begins - St Paul’s came straight in fighting after their team talk. Rhys takes a powerful goal kick that reaches the other half. When St. Pauls break through there was no defence though, due to our defences quick thinking, they soon blocked them. George C runs along the wing , attacking.

Just when we thought St Pauls weren’t going to wake up they pulled off a shot! Thanks to Rhys it was saved. After that Rhys worked hard saving another shot. Perhaps our defence needed to strengthen although we had quick passing.

4 minutes left to play and it began to rain and it was getting dark. Pharell shoots but it was saved. 2 minutes left and Pharell tries for his 4th goal and succeeds.

Man of the Match George W


By Lotte

Year 6

Sports Leader








On the 1st May four children competed in a tennis tournament against 11 other teams at the David Lloyd Sports Centre Dartford. There were 2 separate leagues with The Brent, Temple Hill, Knockhall, Wilmington and Oakfield in ours. We started well and improved greatly during the day and eventually  finished first in the league with some very close fought games. Depending on where you finished in your league you then went on to play more games to determine your final position.


We had to play Sutton-at-Hone in the final, this thrilling match was close and went to a tie-break with Holy Trinity winning first place.


In April we were asked if we would like to Take part in a mini Dodgeball event at the North West  Kent College.  It wasn't a big competition but just a chance to put into practice some of the skills they had learned during their PE lessons. On 3rd April we took 2 teams and competed against 3 other schools, a great time was had by all.



On 13th March 6 of our year 1 and 2 children competed in a gymnastic competition and thanks to some excellent training from Mr. Carter, did very well. Events included some floor work and vault (Block, Bench and Springboard). This was very new to some of these children as they had never done anything like this before. Four of them achieved the highest scores of the competition and  as you can imagine we were very proud of them all. We won the competition overall and now go on to represent Dartford in the Kent school games.


In the game of Handball there are 5 players on each team, one of which is the goalkeeper. In our school competition the rules state that there must be at least two girls on the pitch at any one time. Outfield players can touch the ball with any part of their body that is above the knee and when they have possession of the ball they can hold it, pass it or shoot at goal.

Although we hadn't had much practice at this we were able to compete well against the other schools and even beat the eventual winners in the warm up game. Finishing a very creditable 3rd place.


Teacher Training


In February a few of our teachers took part in a Dodgeball training event. Here they were able to learn the rules, some different game ideas  and also brought back some good tips to help win the game. These ideas were then introduced to the children during P.E. lessons.

Holy Trinity v Brent

At the end of February both the boys' and girls' football teams took part in a league match at the Brent School. Both matches were very close with the Brent school having some members of the District in their team.


The boys came out strong and soon went 1 goal up with a great shot  from Leon and thanks to an extremely hard working Pharell (and fantastic goal in the second half) we led 2-0.  The Brent didn't give up and managed to score a goal late on making the final score - 2-1

Player of the match- Pharell.


The girls team had a very tough opposition but in true H.T. spirit they never gave up. An early goal from Angie meant that we were quickly in the lead, however the Brent soon scored a first then a second. Sofia had a tough time as she was against a very good District player, but she fought hard and managed to score an equalizer  late on in the game, leaving the final score - 2-2.

Player of the match- Sofia.



On 16th January 4 of our children went to North West Kent college to take part in a Goalball tournament. Goalball is a sport where blind and visually impaired people compete as a team trying to stop the ball from passing them, they can win points either by saving a goal or scoring one. The children are blindfolded and the ball contains a bell so that they can hear it coming, (it is important that the crowd remains silent so that the competitors can hear the ball). Children may kneel, sit or lie down but must be alert and listen for the ball's approach and then try to knock it out the way.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and from the 11 teams that competed we finished 5th.



During term 2, Futsal competitions have been played for the years 3,4,5 and 6.  All players had an amazing time and for some this was their first opportunity to represent Team Holy Trinity in sport. 

Year 5/6 boys finished 2nd

Year 3/4 girls  finished 4th

Year 3/4 boys finished 2nd

Sport's Leaders


Every year six of our gifted in sport children are chosen to be sport's leaders. This is a very sort after role and they will often write to coach Suv giving their reasons why they would be good at this job. During their time as Sport's Leader they may be asked to assist with the younger children's PE lesson, help set up equipment before the lesson begins and also help run intra competitions within the school. First thing in the morning they work with a small group of pupils, where they will do various exercises setting them up for the day.

These children have high personal standards, show a positive image as a leader and possess the following attributes:-


Attitude                                Organisational skills                                    Communication                                

Confidence                           Respect                                                        Enthusiasm

Responsibility                       Reliability                                                     Initiative

Maturity                                Safety Awareness                                        Effort

Here are our Sport's Leaders for this year.

Sportshall Athletics


On 13th and 14th November 2018 Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a Sportshall Athletic event where they competed against local schools.


On Tuesday morning, the first of the year 3/4 team took part  against 9 other schools competing in events such  as standing long jump, chest push, javelin, 5 strides, vertical jump, speed bounce and several different relay events. All children had a magnificent day  with most of the races being won by Holy Trinity. As a result of their amazing work we finished in 1st place and now go on to represent Dartford in the Kent School Games.


In the afternoon our year 5/6 team took on 12 other schools and made us proud by finishing in second place, narrowly missing out on first by just 2 points.


The Wednesday was another exciting day with more of our 3/4 children taking part. Finishing in 9th place,they showed a great deal of sportsmanship and were always encouraging each other to do well.


We were so proud of all the children who took part over the 2 days.



Quicksticks Hockey


In October some of our year 5 / 6 children competed against 13 other schools in a Quicksticks Hockey Tournament. A brilliant day was had by all with team Holy Trinity winning 3 of their 4 matches and finishing first in their group.

We then had to play Gateway in the final where we put up a good fight but lost 4-1. From the 14 schools that competed we finished a magnificent 2nd place.


Our year 3 / 4 team lost their first game, drew the second and won their third with a fantastic score of 8-0. They then went on to compete against Oakfield, where they won the game 6-5 finishing the day in 7th place.

Basketball WOW Day


On 1st October 2018 the school was visited by Paul Sturgess a former Harlem Globetrotter basketball player. Measuring 7 ft 8 inches he is the tallest professional basketball player in the world and currently in the Guinness book of records as Britain's tallest man.

He was accompanied by his colleague Mark Waters (who is also an athlete and a PE teacher) and together they like to visit schools all over the country  to talk about their love of sport.

The day began with an inspirational talk which included important issues such as having a growth mind set, what it is like to be different, making the most of your talents, healthy living, ant-bullying and sports for all. The pair then had sessions with every class teaching them basketball skills, having exercise and fun and games.

Football Festivals Term 1


Years 1- 6 boys and girls competed in football festivals at Dartford Football Club Princes Park in term 1. All played a number of different schools and some of the children gained confidence representing team Holy Trinity in their first ever football tournament.

Sporting Achievements 2017-2018

This academic year has been an amazing one for sport at the school. We have been involved in many events and reached goals that we are very proud of. Here are some of the highlights from this year....


 Boys : unbeaten in the league and reached the FA cup finals night at Dartford Football Club. They were knocked out in the Semi finals.

 Girls: only lost one league game and reached the FA cup finals night at Dartford Football Club. They were knocked out in the semi finals.

 This year has seen two boys playing for District football - Shane and Stephen, and three girls- Brooke, Leah and Ruby.

Other events include: 

Hockey, Rounders, Boccia, Cross Country, Cricket, Infant Agility, Tennis, Key Steps Gymnastics, Tri-golf, and Sportshall Athletics and District Sports. 

District Sports: After trying to retain our title we came a very close second.

Kent School Games FINALS: This was our school representing Dartford in the Kent School Games. To qualify for this we had to compete against other Dartford schools and we were the winners of this title as best overall school in Dartford. This gave us the opportunity to compete, at a higher level, against other schools in Kent. 

These are the events that took place for the games:

Key Steps Gymnastics Yr 1/2

Tri- golf Yr 3/4

Sportshall Athletics Yr 3/4

Sportshall Athletics Yr 5/6

What an amazing achievement that every year group succeeded to the finals of the Kent School Games.


I am very proud of the children of Holy Trinity-the way that they show determination, honesty, respect, passion, self belief and most importantly their teamwork. Our moto 'Be gracious when you win, try harder when you lose' is a testament to their drive and passion for sports. Well done to all our team!

Yours in sport,

Coach Suv

Sports Day 2018


Records were broken, pulses were racing, determination was explosive!

This was such a successful Sports Day. Despite the heat and the dry field the children raced and competed with such passion and this made the day one to remember.

We started in our traditional Holy Trinity way with the Sports Leaders leading the children out with the Olympic torch. The children chanted their house names and wore their house colours with pride.After a lap of the field the Sports Day began!

We would like to thank the parents who supported and participated in this day and made the tug of war a treat for their children to watch!

The results:


1st Luther King 316

2nd Churchill 290

3rd Teresa 285

4th Pankhurst 276


1st Pankhurst 114

2nd Churchill 108

3rd Luther King 103

4th Teresa 99


1st Pankhurst 208

2nd Luther King 178

3rd Churchill 167

4th Teresa 160


1st Pankhurst 598

2nd Luther King 597

3rd Churchill 565

4th Teresa 544