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Computing Curriculum Intent (School Vision):


‘A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.’

Computing Programme of Study 2014


At Holy Trinity, this means that by the time pupils leave our school they will be able to understand how to use technology safely and will be able to utilise a range of technology. We want our pupils to be able to express themselves creatively through multiple media platforms and develop the building blocks of coding.


The Computing Curriculum is split into three strands. They are Computer Science, where our pupils will become confident in understanding the principles of computation and able to use programming to accomplish specific goals. Information Technology, where our pupils are able to use a variety of programs so that they can create and present information, including images and audio files, using a variety of programs dependent on their audience and the purpose. Digital Literacy, where our pupils will understand how to be a good digital citizen and they can act appropriately when using information and communication technology. This coverage guarantees that by the time pupils leave our school, they do so as competent technology users.     


Digital Literacy is something we believe our pupils need clear and precise support and we have designated our own Online Safety Curriculum to support this. We want to ensure our pupils are receiving the important messages around this area loud and clear and the two online safety awards our school has earnt in this are testament to the work our staff put in to this area.


Computing Curriculum Implementation:


At Holy Trinity we have refined our curriculum to include a wider range of current technologies to allow further opportunities of creativity and engagement within our pupils. Our school has recently installed a Tech Lab, providing a purposeful environment for our pupils to explore and develop through technology. 


To ensure our teachers are equipped to confidently teach computing we support our curriculum through the Teach Computing scheme of work and provide a range of CPD opportunities.  Our Computing Lead is supported through a local area Computing Network where best practice within other local school is shared and used to inspire the teaching practice at Holy Trinity. 


Computing is a creative subject and we want our pupils to be able to apply themselves to a variety of situations using a range of skills including design, problem solving, coding, editing for publishing, digital imaging and multi media productions. 




Curriculum Progression Computing

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Some key vocab for the new curriculum: