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Art Technique Videos

Here are a range of videos, sourced by Mrs Treleaven, that can help you to improve or practice your Art skills.

Art at home - Grid drawing technique

A demonstration of a simple grid drawing technique. An easy way of copying an image.

One Point Perspective Drawing

A demo of 1 Point Perspective in 20 seconds.

Wire Sculpting

Wire sculpting. How to make a dragon from wire.

Art demo for students - Painting with acrylic paint

A demonstration of how to develop a painting using acrylic paint. A layering up process is used here, with each layer adding more definition to the picture.

30 Simple Art Techniques Everyone Can Do

COOL ART HACKS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Every now and then, making art can be exactly what you need to relax and distract your mind.

Four Printmaking Techniques

Four basic printmaking techniques: Printing Plate, Cardboard, Cookie Cutters, and Stamps with Ink

Art activity for kids learning at home - Sculpture using kitchen foil

Simple sculpture at home using just kitchen foil and sticky tape.