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Holy Trinity Church of England
Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders




At Holy Trinity we are passionate about equipping our pupils with a toolbox of resources to live their lives happily and successfully. Our intent is to provide an education and curriculum that covers all aspects, objectives and requirements of the National Curriculum while being fun, purposeful and engaging.

Our school curriculum has been designed to ensure that every subject matters, and is planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before while progressing towards defined end points. Pupils will regularly recall prior learning to help embed learning into their long term memory so that they are able to make explicit links to current learning.


Our overarching goals:


  • To develop our pupils personally, and spiritually into well rounded citizens equipped for the world we live in.

  • To deliver a broad and engaging curriculum that is carefully sequenced while considering our local context and diverse community.

  • To develop and secure a love of learning.



At Holy Trinity our staff are driven by research-based evidence to ensure pupils learn in the best way possible. Current research has led to us using differing pedagogical approaches focusing on repeatedly recalling key learning throughout the curriculum and offering a greater opportunity for pupil talk through Kagan style strategies.  We deliver a high quality, progressive curriculum, designed through a series of key concepts. We plan to intentionally embed a curiosity and love of learning where the National Curriculum objectives are achieved through relevant and purposeful topics to our contextual setting. Recall time is known across the whole school and pupils understand how recalling information helps to embed in their long-term memories.


We value our curriculum and subject leaders are ambitious about their areas, all subjects have a dedicated amount of time on the school timetable and teachers plan their learning to be delivered in fun and memorable ways, this builds on the sticky learning needed to embed learning into the long-term memory.  The content and sequence of our curriculum is coherently planned under key concepts, to ensure small steps of learning builds progressively over the year and throughout their entire journey at Holy Trinity.  Teachers use the curriculum as a reference point to recall previous learning and help pupils establish links. Each year group is exposed to high quality educational experiences both internally and externally in order to provide real life context to learning.


Reading is key to ensuring all pupils can access their learning. Reading, including early reading and phonics is implemented as soon as pupils enter our setting and especially in the early stages of their primary years. As our pupils move through our school, we expose them to wide and varied genres of text to extend and enrich vocabulary and build a lifelong love of reading.


Our Christian ethos and values at Holy Trinity support every decision that we make, and we are proud of our community spirit. Our families are supportive and pupil confidence is evident, both through performing and using their own voices to share their own views and opinions enabling them to speak out and be heard, all learning is presented with pride and enthusiasm.


Our curriculum is underpinned by our belief that every subject is crucial to a child’s development, we are confident that our pupils gain a strong understanding of the importance of physical health as well as mental health equipping them with strategies, they can use to support them. To ensure that every pupil can flourish, personal development is encompassed within all areas of our school life and curriculum. We are Growing Tomorrow’s Leaders and the education we offer builds on life skills and knowledge needed to thrive successfully in modern Britain.