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Term 2

The Wonders of Mexico


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Homework tasks


Due: 6/12/23

advice, advise, device, devise, practice, practise, licence, license, prophecy, prophesy, weather, whether 

Star spellings: 

would, wood, right, write, bury, berry



Due: 27/11/23

vicious, precious, conscious, delicious, malicious, suspicious, ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, curious

Star Spellings: 

whose, who, were, where, with



Due 20/11/23

league, tongue, antique, unique, guarantee, neighbour, obey, weigh, weight, vein, fraction, incarnation

Star Spellings: 

Mexican, dear, deer, fraction, time



Due: 13/11/23

country, young, touch, adventure pleasure, signature, leisure, division, decision, collision, evolution, adaptation

Star Spellings: 

can't, won't, didn't, haven't, couldn't 

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Christmas Wish