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Holy Trinity Church of England
Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Who's Who

Staff list


Leadership Team
Mrs Wall - Headteacher 

Mrs Hunter - Deputy Headteacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Hudson - Assistant Headteacher

Mr Bennett - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Seminerio - Assistant Headteacher


Designated Safeguarding Leaders (DSL)

Mrs Wall - Lead DSL

Mrs Hunter (Maternity Leave) 

Mrs Hudson

Mr Bennett

Mrs Seminerio

Mrs O'Shaughnessy


Class Teachers

Reception Ladybird Class - Mr Bennett

Reception Butterfly Class - Miss Paddington


Year 1 Red Squirrel Class - Miss Cheesman

Year 1 Barn Owl Class - Mrs Sakhi


Year 2 Rabbit Class -  Miss Sullivan

Year 2 Hedgehog Class - Miss Ross


Year 3 Puffin Class - Miss Haggerty

Year 3 Woodpecker Class - Mrs Styles


Year 4 Kingfisher Class - Mr Jerreat

Year 4 Otter Class - Mrs Seminerio / Miss Olson


Year 5 Badger ClassMrs Bennett

Year 5 Robin Class - Mrs Treleaven (Maternity Leave covered by Mr McGonigle)


Year 6 Fox Class - Mrs Watson

Year 6 Swan Class -  Miss Coulson


Teaching Assistants

Phase 1

Ms Webb

Mr Attwood

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs Cox

Miss Hutton

Ms Howe

Mrs Fox

Mrs Butler

Miss McDaid

Miss Ndaw


Phase 2

Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Zotou

Ms Whitmarsh

Mrs O'Shaughnessy

Mrs Izzard

Miss Qamar

Miss Waghorne 


Phase 3

Mrs Imeri

Mrs Wilders

Mrs Andrews-Bligh

Mrs Rhodes-Evans



Wider Curriculum Specialist Staff

Miss Comiskey - SENCo

Mrs Goddard - EYFS and Year 1 Cover Teacher

Miss Lam-Hang and Mrs Bowler - Phase 2 and Phase 3 Cover Teachers

Mr Talabi - PE Coach

Miss Harvey - Sports Assistant

Mrs O'Shaughnessy - Family Welfare Officer

Mrs Gearing - ELSA / Specialist Speech & Language Teaching Assistant 


Office Staff

Mrs Mills - Finance Manager

Miss Mills - Administration Officer

Miss Jones - Receptionist

Mrs Castles - Administration

Mrs Scicluna - Administration


Premises Staff

Mr Mills - Site Manager

Mrs Domi - Premises Staff

Mrs Warwick - Cleaner

Mr Perry - Cleaner

Mr Ross - Cleaner

Mrs Fisher - Cleaner

Miss Greenstreet - Cleaner


Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs Hamid

Mr Perry

Mrs Wellard

Mrs Butler

Mrs Shepperson

Mrs Fox

Mrs Wyatt

Mrs Shand

Miss Greenstreet

Mrs Amire