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'Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.' - Plato


 The Curriculum Intent for Music at Holy Trinity (Our School Vision)


Music is at the heart of culture in many societies therefore it is only natural that we should help foster a love and understanding of it in the children we teach. Through music, pupils can express themselves with creativity and emotion. Music lessons at Holy Trinity will give pupils an outlet for their creativity. We will give them the tools with which to create musical masterpieces, the understanding to discuss music on a deeper level using correct terminology and sow the seed of curiosity to learn a musical instrument. We will begin to teach the language and notation of music so that pupils can share their ideas with others. Music lessons will take away the fear of performance and celebrate musical achievements large or small. We will begin to generate a love of music, giving pupils the confidence and drive to take their musical studies further. Music is not only a hobby but is a common language that flows through us all, as teachers we can tap into that and nurture it. When words fail, music speaks.


How is the Music curriculum implemented in our school?


Singing Worship

At Holy Trinity, the pupils participate in weekly singing sessions where they are taught to sing both hymns and positive or motivational songs. These sessions are led by Miss Ramsay and Mrs Goddard. The pupils are taught how to use their voices properly and safely through warm up songs and games. They are also taught about composers, dynamics and different styles of performance. These hymns or songs are often used in our Monday worship, down at Holy Trinity church services and at concerts or in school performances. The pupils are encouraged to sing both in unison and parts. Pupils enjoy these sessions and are often heard singing the songs taught later in the day around school.  


Individual and Group Music Lessons


Several of our pupils are fortunate enough to receive individual piano lessons. An external music specialist gives weekly lessons to those children who wish to pursue music on a more formal level. They benefit from the individual teaching and this helps them to achieve their musical potential. The pupils from these lessons are given the opportunity to showcase their talents in an annual concert which parents are invited to. 


Class Instrumental Lessons


Over the past couple of years, Holy Trinity pupils have had the opportunity to learn an instrument within their classes as weekly music lessons. Through these lessons, the pupils learn how to read music, about music theory, the discipline that is required and all of the enjoyment that comes with learning an instrument. This is something that will be continued and built on at Holy Trinity next year. We are very fortunate to have good links with the DASCO Music Hub, Kent Music School and Red Rooster and also own a range of instruments which can be used for this purpose. Holy Trinity pupils enjoy and look forward to these weekly lessons where their musical skills and knowledge are both challenged and improved.


This year pupils have had the opportunity to learn:


Reception: A range of untuned percussion instruments with a focus on djembe drumming.

Year 1: Glockenspiel

Year 2 - Ocarina

Year 3 - Recorder

Year 4 - Advanced recorder

Year 5 - Ukelele

Year 6 - Advanced ukelele


Pupils are also given the opportunity to use a range of instruments for composition and improvisation alongside this. 


Music in Class


Pupils are taught weekly Music lessons by their class teacher. To ensure coverage of the curriculum and to ensure that pupils are exposed to all of the different strands of music, we take a termly approach to our teaching. 

Term 1 - This term focuses on the appraisal and history of music, singing technique, musical notation and terminology. It will lay the foundation for pupils' musical knowledge and understanding. These skills will form the backbone of all music lessons to come and be called upon throughout the year. 

Term 2 - This term focuses on beginning to learn an instrument. There are different instruments assigned to different year groups: Reception work on untuned percussion and djembe drumming; Year 1 work on glockenspiels; Year 2 work on playing the ocarina; Year 3 progress onto the recorder; Year 4 take their recorder skills further; Year 5 are introduced to the ukelele; and Year 6 build on the skills learned in Year 5 on this instrument.

Term 3 - This term focuses on the development of learning to play their assigned instruments, reading music and building confidence when performing.

Term 4 - This term's lessons build towards a whole school concert where pupils will showcase what they have learned on their respective instruments to pupils and parents. 

Term 5 - Instrument learning will continue, however there will be more focus placed on improvisation and composition.

Term 6 - This term will focus intensely on composition, improvisation and performance. Pupils will use their knowledge of their instrument, musical notation and terminology and singing to assist them with this.  

Teachers use a variety of resources to assist them when teaching the different skills including Charanga, SingUp and music books. We are also supported by DasCo, Music Mark and Red Rooster who we maintain good links with. 


Music Scholars


Our Music Scholar Programme has continued this year under new leadership. Pupils who show a serious interest in Music and who are willing to take it further are selected and given weekly sessions with Miss Todd and Miss Gregg, music specialists and students who are studying music at Guildhall. The pupils are taught how to read music, understand music theory, sing choral pieces in part-harmony and given composition opportunities. The Music Scholars perform at church services and in school concerts. Pupils who belong to this group enjoy the challenges working with choral music presents. They are all becoming more confident and accomplished performers. 



Young Voices Choir 


Holy Trinity is proud to be one of the many schools who take part in the Young Voices concerts which happen every year at the O2. The pupils rehearse for the first few terms of the year and are taken to the O2 to showcase their songs and dance moves. It is an incredible opportunity for the pupils and they leave with wonderful memories. The songs they learn for the concert are used within school performances to ensure that the hard work of learning so many songs is not wasted.  


 Exciting opportunities to look out for next year:


O2 Young Voices Choir and Performance

Recorder Festival

Singing Festival

Choral Outreach Concert

Bluewater Singing 

Another musical from Holy Trinity School Musical Theatre Group

And many more...



 How is the Music curriculum assessed for impact in our school? 


Teachers use the progression of skills document to plan the content of their lessons and the assessment grids to assess and evaluate pupils' outcomes. All teachers follow the yearly overview to enable them to teach all of the strands of the Music curriculum and to assist with progression.