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Head Start Kent are pleased to offer you free access to The Education People’s Wellbeing Toolkit for Parents and Carers.


The Wellbeing Toolkit is a series of four webinars delivered by two experts in the field of wellbeing and anxiety. It is designed to offer more practical help and guidance to parents/carers for supporting children with issues such as anxiety, autism, and general wellbeing. 

The aim of the webinars is to provide both parents/carers and their children with guidance and support on how they can improve their self-esteem, confidence, and reduce anxiety. There is also a specific webinar that focuses on how to support children with autism with increased levels of anxiety.

Parents and carers will receive practical strategies and solutions to the issues that they may currently be experiencing.

There would usually be a charge of £20+VAT but to claim free access enter the voucher code headstart21 into the voucher code box in the checkout after clicking ‘buy now’ at this link: 


Early Help (support for families) - Kent County Council


We provide services that can be accessed at a time and place that suits families to help them to do well, stay safe and resolve problems at the earliest possible opportunity, before they become more serious.

Early Help means taking action to support a child, young person or their family early in the life of a problem or as soon as it emerges.

The help can be required at any stage in a child's life, whether it's from pre-birth to adulthood. It applies equally to safeguarding or complex needs that the family cannot deal with, or meet on their own.

The support requires agencies to work together to ensure a child and their family:

  • receives support in a timely and responsive way, so that children are safeguarded
  • educational, social and emotional needs are met
  • outcomes are good.

Early Help reflects the widespread evidence base that it is better to identify and deal with problems early rather than respond when difficulties have emerged.

Assessments and intensive support is currently offered through our Early Help Units. Whilst our open access services are delivered via our Children’s Centres and Youth Hubs, who provide universal, targeted and additional support.


Kent Community Health Foundation Trust (KCHFT) has added an additional way for parents and others to contact the school health team.


Have you noticed a change in your child’s behaviour and worried they may be experiencing anxiety?


They may be


  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • having trouble sleeping and/ or a change in appetite
  • seeking constant reassurance
  • feeling nervous or on edge.


If you feel your child is struggling and needs extra support, call the emotional health consultation line on 0800 0113 474 to speak to our team (option 1 then option 2) A school nurse will listen to you, provide basic coping strategies and if needed, support with a referral to the children and young people’s (CYP) counselling service. Young people are also welcome to call the consultation line themselves, or if they prefer, they can text in confidence by text, through our ChatHealth service on 07520 618850 (monitored 9am-5pm Monday to Friday)


Kent Community Health Foundation Trust (KCHFT) provides support for children and young people’s physical and emotional health needs, including the CYP’s counselling service. 


More information on all our support can be found here: