Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

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RE Curriculum Intent (School Vision)  


Across the school we value and respect all who are with or without faith.

Pupils learn about many different faiths, focusing on Christianity, finding connections between the beliefs of others and their own lives.  Their skill set is assessed termly from year 1 through to year 6.

Pupils will be able to use their knowledge and understanding to debate ideas with respect for each other.

RE Ambassadors 2021-22


The RE Ambassadors this year are:

Aviva, Emmanuel, Frankie (Year 6)

Cleo, Fola, Joshua, Naomi, Nola, Savisan, (Year 5)


These pupils support with worships everyday through a variety of ways. They will either share the readings, prayers or explain to the school how they have engaged, can respond and will send the messages of the worship. 


RE Ambassadors are also linked to a particular class in the school and will visit this class once a term to support with their RE learning. 


Butterflies -

Ladybirds -

Barn Owls -

Red Squirrels - 

Hedgehogs - 

Puffins - 

Rabbits - 

Woodpeckers - 

Badgers - 

Robins - 

Kingfishers - 

Otters - 

Foxes - 

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Magpies -  

Christian Value for Term 5





The values are shared by us all whatever our faith.

Receivers of Termly Value Award




To work together in fellowship.


To show kindness and help others.


To help and serve our community.


To be reliable and truthful in all we do.


The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.