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R.E. Subject Coverage 2018-19

R.E. Ambassadors 2019-20

R.E.Ambassadors' visits to R.E. lessons


Each term our wonderful RE Ambassadors spend one lesson with their linked class supporting the class teacher and helping their fellow pupils with their learning.  This is an opportunity for all pupils to recognise the importance of RE as they share their knowledge and experiences with each other.


Reports back from visits in Term 2 2020:

"I visited Puffin Class as an RE Ambassador.  I helped the teacher with the lesson and it was amazing.  I was asked to help a little girl in this class with her answers and then she was able to understand.  I look forward to doing this again."  George Y6


"I was working with the Y3 class who were learning about Sikhism.  I helped the children to come up with ideas, such as making sure jobs such as washing up are done fairly.  They learned that we are all equal and should all do our fair share.  They were lovely to work with and I can't wait to work with them again."  Lacey Y5


"I visited Fox class and I was asked to fill in verbal response slips.  These capture the children's ideas during discussion so they can be stuck in their books."  Fadi Y6


I visited Kingfisher class this week and worked with one boy to help him with his pictures.  We had a great time.  Then another child acted as Ramses the Pharaoh.  It was great".  Noah Y6


"When I arrived in year 2, so many of the children recognised me!  Lots of them needed help and they understood the lesson after I had helped them.  It was amazing."  Mofe Y5


" When I visited Robin class I helped them with their RE.  It was really funny when some of them thought Gospel was gossip!" Stephen Y6


"Swan class lesson was really interesting.  They were talking in depth about the Gospel and when Jesus was betrayed.  I enjoyed it."  Temi Y6


"I really enjoyed going to Badger Class because they were doing a project about the Good Samaritan.  To start with, they had many characters from books and animated series/movies and they were allowed to choose who was good and who was evil until Mrs Bennett told them the truth.  I saw they were surprised and it was good to see the learning."  Aryeh Y5







Christian Value for Term 3





The values are shared by us all whatever our faith




To work together in fellowship.


To show kindness and help others.


To help and serve our community.


To be reliable and truthful in all we do.


The quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement.