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Design Technology

Design and Technology Intent (Our School Vision)


At Holy Trinity, it is our vision that through the practical teaching of design and technology our children will be given the tools to: securely manage and control risks, work safely with a variety of equipment and materials, become resourceful, sustainable, skillful and methodical whilst developing skills that can be used across the curriculum and in their lives outside of school. Inspiring teaching will allow pupils to grow as innovative and capable leaders in an ever evolving world.

How is the Design and Technology curriculum implemented in our school?


At Holy Trinity we use the KAPOW scheme as a basis when planning and teaching Design and Technology. This provides guidelines that enable children to develop skills which are progressive from year to year. This is shown within the progression of skills documents for each year group. Alongside this, teachers plan Design and Technology lessons that link closely to their topics whilst ensuring that the relevant skills are taught.

When teaching Design and Technology teachers follow the Design cycle providing opportunities for children to plan, make and evaluate their designs. This enables them to develop their skills in all areas of the design process while gaining an understanding of the importance of the different elements in real world design situations.

Within the Design and Technology curriculum children are provided with opportunities to design using electronic equipment such as circuits providing links to other areas of the curriculum such as Science and Computing.

Children are provided with opportunities to participate in cooking activities whilst also developing their understanding of healthy meal choices.


How do we measure the impact of our Design and Technology curriculum?


The impact of the curriculum is measured in a variety of different ways. One of these ways is through pupil voice enabling children to share what they have learnt and enjoyed in Design and Technology lessons. This also provides an opportunity to understand what skills they have developed. Staff informally evaluate the progress of the children within their Design and Technology lessons enabling them to support or challenge the children where appropriate. 


The progression of skills document for each year group provides an overview of what has been taught each year. Evidence of Design and Technology work can also be seen in photographs taken of children undertaking Design and Technology activities as well as their finished products. Their plans and evaluations provide further evidence of the impact of a series of lessons.