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Term 1

The Civil Rights Movement


This term, Year 6 will be learning all about the Civil Rights movement and answering the key enquiry question: had civil rights been achieved for BAME Americans by 1964?


Year 6 will journey back in time to learn about significate figures who had an impact on the Civil Rights Movement, events which lead to law changes, slavery and the peoples’ fight for freedom as well as much more.


As our topic focuses on the American Civil Rights Movement, we will be taking a tour through the fifty different states, investigating the physical and human geography of America and using technology to further our understanding of the countries geographical features.


If there is ever anything you would like to know about your child's learning or if you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the form on our home page.


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Pre-learning for term 1

Spellings - Week 1

Pre-test: 06/09/23       Test: 11/9/23

available, vegetable, accommodate, accompany, according, address, apparent, committee, correspond, embarrass, segregation, million

Star Spellings:

because, were, where, going, civil


Spellings - Week 2 

Pre-test: 13/09/2023    Test: 18/09/23

harass, interrupt, marvellous, necessary, occupy, occur,  opportunity, programme, recommend, sufficient, suggest, Washington

Star Spellings:

would, should, could, school, proof



Set: 27/09/23       Due: 02/10/23

horrible, terrible, possible, edible, reversible, invincible, legible, adorable, available, forgivable, disposable,

Star Spellings:

speech, because, with, whilst, since



Set: 4/10/23            Due: 9/10/23

refer, referring, referred, referral, preferred, preferring, transferred, transferring, reference, referee, preference, transference

Star Spellings:

bare, bear, hair, hare, tail, tale



Set: 11/10/2023           Due: 16/10/2023

co-operate, co-ordinate, co-exist, co-own, co-author, re-emerge, re-enter, re-ignite, re-invent, re-create, re-evaluate, re-elect  

Star Spellings:

report, today, yesterday, stated, question



Set: 18/10/23      Due: 30/10/23

guarantee, queue, average,  language, privilege, signature, temperature, amateur, familiar, leisure, neighbour, shoulder,

Star Spellings:

report, furthermore, division, Mexico, while