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Reverend Mandy

Reverend Mandy is the Vicar to the churches St Alban and St Edmund.


We have close links with Reverend Mandy; she regularly leads a collective worship for our school and visits lessons to help enhance their knowledge by bringing some concepts of our Religious Education to life.


So far this academic year, Reverend Mandy visited our Reception Classes to share what Christians can do at church to celebrate Jesus' birthday:

Reverend Mandy has also visited our Year 1 Classes helping the children to understand what signs of Jesus' story can be seen in church in the run-up to Christmas.

Together they focused on which colour vestments the vicar wears at this time of year and why and the children got to ask Reverend Mandy questions about celebrations at Christmas time in church. 

Also, Reverend Mandy visited our Year 3 Classes to carry out a role play baptism with the children. They included key prayers that are used, the symbolism of the water and the main structure of a baptism service. 

In January, Rev. Mandy visited our Year 4 classes to support their learning around the role of a church leader. Together they explored what a regular day can look like in a church leader's diary and how the church serves its community for all.

The children really enjoyed having the opportunity to ask questions and explore why Rev. Mandy wanted to become a minister.