Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Term 1

Road Trip USA


Buckle up, sunglasses on. This term we are going on a road trip across the good old USA. Join us as we find out about famous American landmarks, making sure we remember to send a postcard on the way. We will learn about famous American presidents before travelling back in time to find out about the Iroquois tribe. We will be learning about how Native Americans lived and their customs as well as writing our own Native American stories.

We will be using our map skills to navigate our way around both modern day and Native America. We will learn about electricity and how to create our own circuits to light up the New York skyline.

Get ready for an American adventure!

Week 3 Pre- Learning

Next week, we will begin our learning about the Native Americans. It would be useful if you could conduct some research to find out about Native American ways of life. For example: 

- Their homes

- Food

- Beliefs

- Clothing


Week 4 Pre- Learning


Next week, we will be writing letters to a Native American child. What questions would you ask? Write a list of questions that you will be able to research the answers to in class.

Week 5 Pre- Learning


Do you know what state of America the Iroquois tribe lived in? Have a go at researching the locations of all the different Native American tribes!

Week 6 Pre-Learning


Can you think of some ideas for a Native American story? Consider what you may put under the five headings of your story mountain:

1. Beginning

2. Build Up

3. Problem

4. Resolution

5. Ending


Just include some notes or even draw a picture. 

Have fun!

Lyrics to the Harvest Festival song

Harvest song - Thank you for the sunshine