Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 5 - Otter & Kingfishers

Comprehension Books


Set on: 25th November

Due in at the latest: 30th November

Ensure you complete the next comprehension task from your CGP books each week.




Set on: 25th November

Due in at the latest: 30th November


In English next week, we are going to be writing our speeches. You will be planning these this week, but for pre-learning think about the following question:


What were the peasants angry about in 1381, and what did they decide to do about it?’


You are going to be Wat Tyler and you are encouraging the peasants to revolt. DO NOT answer the question, but create a bank of emotive language, phrases or rhetorical questions that would persuade your followers to go against King Richard.


You will use some of these in our drafting and editing lessons.






If your child is unable to attend school due to compulsory self-isolation because of Corona Virus, we ask them to:


  • Complete their Mathletic's tasks
  • Practice their weekly spellings which are on the website.
  • Complete pre-learning tasks on the website.
  • Keep reading their reading books and access the Accelerated Reader quizzes online.
  • Complete lessons on Oak National Academy  - 
  • Ensure they are completing exercise inside the home or in the garden using Joe Wick's videos on YouTube.

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to our class page and more importantly welcome to Year 5!


We are so very excited to be embarking on the next part of your learning journey together!


Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


Miss Matthes is the Class Teacher of Kingfisher Class.


Mr Jerreat is the Class Teacher of Otter Class with Mrs Imeri as the Class Teaching Assistant.


If there is ever anything you would to know anything about your child's learning or if you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the form below. 


Pupils: In order to take Accelerated Reader quizzes log-on here, to complete any Mathletics homework click here (Mathletics tasks are set every Wednesday, these tasks are normally pre-learning for upcoming topics). You can find spellings and weekly pre-learning under the homework tab on the home page.


Below are some key documents relating to Year 5.



Below is a generic weekly timetable so you are able to see what your child can expect on each day. Please be aware that naturally, things may change here and there.

Below you can find the objectives that your child will be assessed against for Maths, Reading and Writing. Why not get ahead and do some pre-learning?!

If you would like to contact Miss Matthes, please fill out the form below.

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