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Basketball WOW Day


On 1st October 2018 the school was visited by Paul Sturgess a former Harlem Globetrotter basketball player. Measuring 7 ft 8 inches he is the tallest professional basketball player in the world and currently in the Guinness book of records as Britain's tallest man. He was accompanied by his colleague Mark Waters who is also an athlete and a current PE teacher visiting different schools to talk about his love of sport.

The day began with an inspirational talk which included important issues such as having a growth mind set, making the most of your talents, healthy living, ant-bullying and sports for all. The pair had sessions with every class teaching them basketball skills and having exercise, fun and games.

Sporting Achievements 2017-2018

This academic year has been an amazing one for sport at the school. We have been involved in many events and reached goals that we are very proud of. Here are some of the highlights from this year....


 Boys : unbeaten in the league and reached the FA cup finals night at Dartford Football Club. They were knocked out in the Semi finals.

 Girls: only lost one league game and reached the FA cup finals night at Dartford Football Club. They were knocked out in the semi finals.

 This year has seen two boys playing for District football - Shane and Stephen, and three girls- Brooke, Leah and Ruby.

Other events include: 

Hockey, Rounders, Boccia, Cross Country, Cricket, Infant Agility, Tennis, Key Steps Gymnastics, Tri-golf, and Sportshall Athletics and District Sports. 

District Sports: After trying to retain our title we came a very close second.

Kent School Games FINALS: This was our school representing Dartford in the Kent School Games. To qualify for this we had to compete against other Dartford schools and we were the winners of this title as best overall school in Dartford. This gave us the opportunity to compete, at a higher level, against other schools in Kent. 

These are the events that took place for the games:

Key Steps Gymnastics Yr 1/2

Tri- golf Yr 3/4

Sportshall Athletics Yr 3/4

Sportshall Athletics Yr 5/6

What an amazing achievement that every year group succeeded to the finals of the Kent School Games.


I am very proud of the children of Holy Trinity-the way that they show determination, honesty, respect, passion, self belief and most importantly their teamwork. Our moto 'Be gracious when you win, try harder when you lose' is a testament to their drive and passion for sports. Well done to all our team!

Yours in sport,

Coach Suv

Sports Day 2018


Records were broken, pulses were racing, determination was explosive!

This was such a successful Sports Day. Despite the heat and the dry field the children raced and competed with such passion and this made the day one to remember.

We started in our traditional Holy Trinity way with the Sports Leaders leading the children out with the Olympic torch. The children chanted their house names and wore their house colours with pride.After a lap of the field the Sports Day began!

We would like to thank the parents who supported and participated in this day and made the tug of war a treat for their children to watch!

The results:


1st Luther King 316

2nd Churchill 290

3rd Teresa 285

4th Pankhurst 276


1st Pankhurst 114

2nd Churchill 108

3rd Luther King 103

4th Teresa 99


1st Pankhurst 208

2nd Luther King 178

3rd Churchill 167

4th Teresa 160


1st Pankhurst 598

2nd Luther King 597

3rd Churchill 565

4th Teresa 544