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Who's Who

Staff list


Leadership Team
Mrs Wall - Head Teacher

Miss Gold - Deputy Headteacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Youseman - Phase Leader 1

Mr Bennett - Phase Leader 2

Mrs Hudson - Phase Leader 3

Mrs Wiliams - SENCo


Designated Safeguarding Leaders

Mrs Wall

Miss Gold (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Williams

Mrs Hudson

Mrs Youseman


Class Teachers

Reception Ladybird Class - Mrs Schoeman/ Mrs Jardine

Reception Butterfly Class - Mr Carter / Miss Webb

Year 1 Red Squirrel Class - Mrs Youseman / Mrs MacIntyre

Year 1 Barn Owl Class - Miss Tong / Mrs Cornish

Year 2 Rabbit Class - Mr Bennett / Mr Attwood

Year 2 Mole Class - Mrs Ward / Mrs Wilders

Year 3 Puffin Class - Mr Plymen / Mrs Gibbons

Year 3 Hedgehog Class - Miss Hopkins / Mr Deacon (Miss Matthes-Maternity Leave)

Year 4 Kingfisher Class - Miss Ramsay / Mrs Andrews

Year 4 Otter Class - Miss Farrant / Mrs Scicluna / Miss Olson

Year 5 Fox Class - Mr Sutherland / Mr Sengupta / Mrs Poulten

Year 5 Swan Class - Miss Smith / Mrs Procter /Mrs Davis

Year 6 Robin Class - Mrs Hudson

Year 6 Badger Class - Mr Hunter / Mrs Rhodes-Evans


Wider Curriculum Specialist Staff

Mrs Ogilvie - Year 5 Support / G&T Support

Mrs Daniel - English Support

Mrs Sutherland - PE Coach

Mrs Scicluna - HLTA

Mrs MacDonald - Maths Specialism / G&T Support

Mrs Spellward - SENCo Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wee - Librarian


1:1 Support Staff

Mrs Reynolds

Mrs Duck

Mrs Adams

Mrs Imeri

Mrs Rixson

Mrs Davis

Mrs Osbon

Mrs O'Shaugnessy

Mrs Cox


Office Staff

Mrs Mills - Finance Manager

Miss Mills - Administration Officer

Miss Jones - Receptionist

Mrs Wood - PA


Premises Staff

Mr Mills - Site Manager

Mrs Hoxha - Premises Staff

Mr Taylor - Caretaker

Mrs Warwick - Cleaner

Mr Perry - Cleaner

Miss Smith - Cleaner

Mrs Andrews - Cleaner

Mr Ross - Cleaner


Mid-Day Supervisors

Mrs Mortimore

Mrs Seager

Ms Casey

Mrs Hamid

Mrs Hodges

Mrs Jack

Mrs Mitchell

Mr Perry

Mrs Dyke

Mrs Adams

Miss Braddick

Mrs Howe

Ms Quartermaine


M&C Catering Staff

Ms Jones

Mrs Collins

Mrs Ashby

Mrs Wilders