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Final Home Learning Task | 13th July 2020


We would like to say a big well done to all the children (and parents!) for your home learning over the last few weeks and months. It isn't easy learning (and teaching!) from home so you should feel very proud of all you have done and achieved. We have really enjoyed receiving pictures and work from children and you have been in our thoughts at school. Whilst you're not with us physically, you're all in our hearts.


The final home learning task is to complete an 'All About Me' booklet that will be given to your Year 1 teacher and teaching assistant. Your 'All About Me' booklet should be created to tell your new teachers everything about yourself. Include photos, pictures, your likes, dislikes, favourite books, EVERYTHING. The more information about yourself, the better! You can scan and email your booklets or send/drop them to school where they will be handed to your new teachers. 


You'll be receiving letters from us in the post this week but we would like to take the opportunity to say what a pleasure it has been to teach you and how wonderful you all are.


Stay safe and have a fantastic summer,


Mr. Bennett, Mr. Carter, Miss. Webb, Mrs. O'Shaughnessy and Miss. Soutter blush

Welcome to the Reception Home Learning page. We will update this page daily with 5 new activities for you to try at home. We will also share lots of educational games, websites and resources that are available to parents and children at this time which you can use at your leisure.


We hope you enjoy the tasks and we would love to see and hear all about your Home Learning. If you have any pictures or videos you would to share with the year group, please email them to and we will post them onto this page.


We appreciate that being away from school and their friends may be difficult for some children. So if children would like to send a message or picture to their friends, again please email or use the contact the class teacher forms below. Messages will be displayed in the 'message board' tab. Hopefully we can set up some conversations between the children. 


Thank you for your continued support, and please check this page for regular updates.




Follow this link to download a certificate for staying indoors:


Update 21st April 2020


Whilst we will be updating the activities regularly, you may also find these below documents and activities provided by the government useful.


Home Learning Pack | Maths and Phonics | EYFS

Guidance for Parents

Daily Read Write Inc. Phonics Lessons


At school, we teach phonics every morning as we believe that learning to read quickly and fluently gives children the best chance in their learning and development. We primarily use a scheme called Read Write Inc created by Ruth Miskin to teach phonics to all children. To support children whilst they learn from home Read Write Inc will be live streaming daily phonics lessons. Please click here to find out more information and subscribe to Ruth Miskin Training on YouTube to access the videos. We really recommend that children take part in these lessons to support their phonics whilst they learn from home. Please email us ( / if you have any questions at all.

Week Commencing 18th May (T5W5)


Hello children! A whole term has nearly passed and we are REALLY missing you! You are doing a great job staying at home and hopefully it won't be too much longer until we can see you again. Here are some ideas for your home learning this week, our theme is LIFE SKILLS, learning how to do some of these things will really help you when you're bigger!


Learn how to use money.

Coin sorting is a great way to learn the names of the coins. What different colours, shapes and numbers can you find?



Make a snack shop. Practice using money every time you have a snack at home. Start by paying with pennies, as you get better try using coins that are worth more than 1.



Which coin rolls the best?



Learn how to tell the time.


Learn to tell the time to o clock. If you can do this try learning half past.


Play whats the time Mr Wolf.


Learn how to cook something new.

Ask an adult to teach you how to cook something new. Easy ideas include toast, sandwiches and porridge!


Learn how to make a healthy smoothie.

What fruit will you use? Experiment with different mixtures, which one tastes the best?



Learn how to use a hammer and nails (adult supervision required!).



Learn how to tie your laces or get dressed on your own.

Practice getting dressed or tying your laces on your own. Maybe you could use a stopwatch to time how long it takes you. Next time try and beat your time.


Learn how to spell your surname.

If you can write your first name try and learn how to spell your surname.


Please send us your pictures! We would love to see what new skills you learn this week!


Home Learning 18th May - 22nd May

Week Commencing 11th May (T5W4)


Literacy - To make up your own version of Dear Zoo


We will help you make up your own version one step each day.


Step 1 - Think of 4 animals (3 you really don't want and 1 that you do!). Draw a picture, write it's name and a word to describe each animal.



Step 2 - Use your pictures to help you make up your own story map. Watch Mr Carter's video to help you. When you have finished it, practise reading it aloud. Tomorrow we will be starting to turn it into a book.



Step 3 - Begin to make your story book by drawing the pictures and making some flaps. Watch Mr Carter's video here.



Step 4 - Add the words to your story, talk through your story map to help you.


Step 5 - Send us some photos of your work! Or a video of you reading your story.


Understanding the World - To find out about animal habitats


Why not look for different animal habitats when out on your exercise? These could be natural or man-made habitats. When out walking with my daughter we found a reed bed, cliffs, a bird box, a bug hotel, a floating nest and a log pile. What animals do you think could live in these habitats? We would love to see what habitats you can find!



Find out about different habitats by looking at books, asking adults and researching on the internet. What animals live there? What's it like? How are the animals different? How are they the same?


Here's some habitats you could investigate: oceans, jungles, woodlands, polar, mountains, cities, deserts, savannahs.


These books by Giles Andreae are great for finding out about habitats:


Commotion in the Ocean 

Rumble in the Jungle

Mad About Minibeasts


Expressive Arts and Design - To make an animal habitat


You could first design you habitat by drawing it and putting some labels on, or writing a list of things you will need to use to make it. Here's some ideas:


A bug hotel


A pitfall trap


A hedgehog house


A nesting bundle


A footprint trap

Build a bird feeder or swing


Physical Development - To balance like an animal



Try to balance like different animals. How long can you hold the pose? Can you make up your own balances?


Home Learning (11th-15th May)

Week commencing 4th May 2020 (T5W3)


Our story this week is the fantastic 'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell. There are many different activities you can print for your child to complete here  you can access the resource pack at the bottom of this week's activities. If you don't have a printer you could play this matching pairs game on a laptop or tablet.


Number: To find half of a number or shape.


Watch this video and then see what objects you can find to half around your house or garden. Take some pictures of what you find so we can display them here.





Watch Mr. Bennett share his fruit snack with his teddies. Can you have a teddy bear's picnic and share your snack? Make sure you are sharing your snack evenly with two of your toys and send in your pictures!


Look at the powerpoint (below) of how to halve numbers, can you help the teddies in the sweet shop?


Look at Mr Carter's videos (below) of halving using objects, a part whole model and then using dots. See if you can find half of different numbers at home.


Literacy: To learn the story of Dear Zoo.

Watch Mr Carter read his story map. See if you can make up some actions to help you remember the words and then use the picture below to retell the story. This will help you when we make up stories next week.



Watch the story of Dear Zoo. 


Or listen to Mr Bennett read the book.


Talk about the animals in the story, which one would you really not want to have? Which was your favourite? Why? 


Make your own zoo. Use toy animals and whatever you can find, see if you can add some labels for the different animal enclosures like Mr Carter.





Understanding the World: To find out about zoos and the animals that live there.


Pick your favourite animal and use the internet to find our some facts about your animal. For example, what does it eat? Where does it live? What size is it? How does it move?


BBC Bitesize has some good resources which might help you. 


When you've finished you could show us what you found out by making a poster or a factfile. Or you could write some 'Who am I?' clues. Have a look at Mr Carter's...




I know we can't visit the zoo at the moment... but can take a virtual tour! Chester Zoo have been opening up their own virtual zoo, follow this link to visit the zoo!


Physical Development: To experiment with moving in different ways.


Try moving like the animals in the story, can you...

Jump like a frog?

Slither like a snake?

Run and roar like a lion?

Stomp and swing your trunk like an elephant?

Stretch up tall like a giraffe?

Carry something on your back like a camel?

Bound around excitedly like a dog?


What other animals can you think of? How would they move?


Maybe you could use a box and draw pictures of animals on each side. Roll the dice to see what animal to copy. 


Expressive Arts and Design: To make a zoo animal.


Have a look at these ideas or use your own to make an animal, if you're feeling adventurous you could make a whole zoo full.


Halving using objects

Still image for this video

Halving using a part whole model

Still image for this video

Halving - written method

Still image for this video

Home Learning (4th-8th May)

Week commencing 27th April 2020 (T5W2)


Hello everyone! We hope you are all safe and well and ready to learn. Above is some information and links about phonics, we hope you find this useful, please let us know if you have any feedback on this. Below are this week’s five targets, all these targets relate to the Early Learning Goals children will be working to achieve over the next two terms. We will update the targets with activities as the week goes on.


Number: To double numbers.


Roll a dice to make a number then count out that number out of some pasta - count out that number again and put all the pasta pieces together. What number did you roll? How many pasta pieces do you have now? 


If you have some dominoes place them all face down on the table. Take it in turns to turn over a domino, if its a double you get to keep it if not put it back. Who will find the most doubles? If you don't have any, you could try and make your own. Remember a double needs to have the same on both sides.



Make a doubling butterfly. Fold a piece of paper in half and cut out half a butterfly shape, you might need an adult to help you draw the shape. Paint one side of your butterfly, then fold the paper and press down. Open it up and your painting has doubled onto the other side!



Can you make a doubling ladybird like Mr. Bennett in this video?



Try learning the doubles rap


Watch this numberblocks episode about doubles.


Try doubling different objects using a mirror. 



Have a look at the interactive story of doubling (below)


Listen to the very catchy Mr Double Trouble and try and join in with your fingers.


Shape, Space and Measure: To order objects in relation to size.


Mr. Bennett had a go at ordering some sticks, have a watch on this video. 



I also collected and ordered 5 objects I found by size whilst out on my walk...



Can you find some objects then order by size? Will you start with the smallest or largest?



Watch the song about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, can you spot the things that come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Look around your house and outside to see if you can find anything that comes in three sizes. 


Music: Make up your own song! You can change parts to a nursery rhyme or song or come up with your own. Film yourself singing the song and send it in!


Understanding the world: Find out about the life of an older relative. Come up with questions with your parents you could ask then ask the questions via FaceTime or on the phone. Film yourself sharing what you have found out about your relative and send it in! 


Draw a picture of your relative and write a caption or some labels to describe them.


Literacy: This week’s story is ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle. Can you learn the key features of the story? Watch Mr. Bennett reading the story here on YouTube. Can you make a story map for 'The Very Busy Spider'? Could you create a new page with a different animal? What sound would they make? What would they ask the spider to do? 


The Story of Doubling

Home Learning (Monday 20th-Friday 24th April)

T5W1 (w/c Monday 20th April)


Hello everyone, we hope you've enjoyed the Easter period with your family. Some slight changes to home learning as we enter term 5. We will be sharing 5 targets for each week with a range of activities and videos to support. It's up to you which activities you choose, you could do some of them or all of them, or even find your own way to meet the target. We will be uploading more and more resources as the week continues so remember to check back on to the page and send your photos to or so you can share your work with us and your friends. 


Phonics - To read and spell 4 letter words with consonant blends.

- A consonant blend is when you have 2 consonants next to each other in a word. Find out and practice blending them in these videos:

- Practise saying the different blends.

Listen to someone else say a word and see if you can find the same blend (which blend is the same as clap? = clock).

How many other words can you think of that have the same blend? (brush, black, blue...) 





- Try and guess the words that start with cr, gr, pr, fr, dr and br in the powerpoint below. See how many of them you can spell.

- Practice reading words with consonant blends in the initial blends powerpoint below. It is very big so maybe try and learn 2 new blends a day and then repeat the following day and add some on. 


Handwriting - To write curly caterpillar letters.

Practise forming the curly caterpillar letters, remember to start on the line and draw the caterpillar first. Use whatever you can find, here are some ideas:

- chalk

- pens and pencils

- writing with you finger in sand or flour

- painting

- use water and a paintbrush on the walls or floor outside




Art - To make collages.


A collage is the assemblage of a variety of different materials (magazine cuttings, paper, cardboard, natural materials, material etc the more colourful and varied the texture – the more interesting!) stuck down on a flat piece of paper or card. Anything can be used to stick things down – tape, glue, stickers, and paint, whatever you can find! Your initial activity is to create your very own collage using whatever you want BUT, there must be a tiny ladybird hidden for Mr. Carter and I to find… We look forward to seeing your collages! Mr. Bennett smiley



Literacy - To find out about 'What the Ladybird Heard.'


Our book this week is the fantastic ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson. If you have the ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ book, great! Read it with a grown up! If you don’t have it don’t worry, you can watch me read it here and watch Julia Donaldson, the author, sing it here! Your initial activity is to just listen to the story, ask questions and know the basic story structure. Perhaps you could have a go at your very own story map? Have fun! Mr. Bennett blush P.S. Can you spot the tiny ladybird hidden on each page?




Wanted Poster and Map Activity


Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are very naughty! Can you create a wanted poster for them describing what they look like and what they've done? If you have a printer you can print the template below.




Want to create and label you own map like Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len? Watch this video to find out what to do...


Ever wondered what happened next in the story? Today's story is 'What the Ladybird Heard Next' so watch to find out!


Maths Target - To take away single digit numbers. (you will need to have flash player enabled).

- Sing some taking away songs and use toys or your fingers to count along (five little ducks, 10 green bottles, there were 10 in a bed).

- Using objects or toys around the house, make up some take away stories (see Mr Carter's below). 

- Get an adult to write out some take away sums for you, can you work them out using objects? 

- Use a tens frame or number line to work out some take away sums (see Mr Carter's below).

- Watch the video and try to work out how many pellets Ritchie the rabbit ate.

Wanted Poster Template

How many pellets did Ritchie eat?

Still image for this video

Using a number line to take away

Still image for this video

Take Away Sums

Still image for this video

Taking away stories

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

18th April 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Next week Mr. Carter and I will be in school a day or two a week so we will be able to upload some 'lessons' via YouTube. For today's activity put your rain jacket on and go outside to make a nature colour palate like this one I made with my daughter yesterday. It was lots of fun being nature detectives looking for different colours in the natural environment. You could do it in the garden or when out and about on your exercise outside. Have a super weekend! Mr. Bennett blush



Keep sending your pictures in! Below is James engaged in some of our home learning activities.



P.S. Axel Scheffler, author, and the illustrator of the Gruffalo and many other Julia Donaldson books, has illustrated a free digital information book all about coronavirus. This free book can be found by clicking here.


17th April 2020


Follow this link to find out how to make a penny spinner... 


Mr C smiley

16th April 2020


Good morning everyone! I had a to ask my wife what day it was today as all the days are merging together... it turns out it is Thursday so Happy Thursday! The sun is shining today so make sure you get outside and enjoy it blush It has been 27 days since we have been at school crying Hopefully it won't be too long until we see you again. Until we do, we'd like to hear from you! You could send us a video, picture, drawing, card, piece of writing... whatever you want. Mr. Carter and I are back in school next week so you can always post us something to the school's address mail We'd love to hear from you! Mr. Bennett smiley


Please keep sending your pictures in, below is Luther making cakes, an Iron Man mask and growing. Arthur has been doing some Easter art and making dinosaur bones. Well done Arthur and Luther yes


15th April 2020 - Why not see if you can grow some fruit and vegetables from scraps? This is a great way to reuse and recycle! Mr C :)

14th April 2020


Good morning everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and were able to enjoy the sunshine and some quality family time. I had a lovely time with my wife and daughter, we had an Easter egg hunt in our garden and have been on a mini-beast hunt when out walking for our exercise.




I am sure you got lots of chocolate eggs... why not use some of the chocolate to make some chocolate cornflake cakes? Follow this recipe to make some delicious cakes! While your cakes are cooling in the fridge why not have a game of 'basketball' with the leftover foil? Have fun! Mr. Bennett smiley



Monday 13th April


We really hope you've had a great Easter. Why don't you recycle some of your Easter egg boxes and turn them into a creation. Here are some different ways of joining instead of using glue or tape. 

Mr C smiley


Friday 10th April 2020


Hello everyone! It’s Good Friday today so I have an eggcellent activity for you.


You will need:


  • Plastic eggs or hard boiled eggs
  • A cardboard box
  • A large egg template cut out of card / paper
  • Squirts of paint


Can you make a beautifully coloured egg by rolling the eggs around the box? You could use your hands or tilt the box in different directs! You could write a message on the back and post it to a family member or friend or just display on your fridge or in your room…


Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe, Mr. Bennett


Thursday 9th April


I wonder who can remember the most objects!

Mr C smiley

Wednesday 8th April 2020


Good morning everyone! First I wanted to share with you a a list of educational resources for home education compiled by the government. Click here to access them. There are lots of websites and resources that are categorised; please let us know any that you find particularly useful and we’ll share with everyone.


Also, every weekday morning at 11am, Ollie from The Beat Goes On is running live body percussion workshops on YouTube. Give his classes a go by checking out his channel here.


Lastly, just a reminder that I am continuing to read a story everyday on YouTube. All videos (and other useful videos we have filmed) can be found on my YouTube channel. If you have any story request please email me them through!


Have a lovely day, Mr. Bennett blush




Follow this recipe and measure the ingredients to make some dinosaur bones!


Mr C smiley


6th April 2020


Good morning everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend in the sunshine! Did you play in garden? Go for a walk, run, scoot, bike ride? We'd love to see you engaged in your daily exercise. We miss you very much at school and know you miss us and your family and friends. So to help with missing people, today's activity is to make mini mes of people you can't see. Follow the steps below to make your own mini mes then play with them in small world games. Have fun and we look forward to seeing pictures of you playing! Mr. Bennett smiley




Your activity for today is to make a den! Dens are a brilliant space for open-ended play, you could turn it into a pirate ship, a castle, a space station or a cave the possibilities are endless. It is important for children to have their own private space where they can choose what to do.


Plan how you are going to make your den... What are you going to use? How will it fit together? Where is it going to be?


What are you going to in your den... Read a story? Have a picnic? Pretend play? Make decorations? Make signs or flags? Send us some pictures when it's finished!


Mr C smiley




Hello everyone! We have three activities for you today, some phonics, maths and art. We have had some really wonderful feedback on the activities we have been providing – thank you for your kind words! We are happy that what we are providing is useful and thank you for facilitating these activities at home! Mr. Carter and I will continue to supply activities during the Easter holidays (if you can call them that!) as we want to keep the links between home and school going. Enjoy today’s activities and as always we love to see your learning at home, Mr. Bennett.


Phonics activity


Today’s sound is ‘igh’. Watch today’s video here:



Expressive arts activity


Make an Easter card for a loved one or friend. Use masking tape to make a cross shape then finger print around the cross to make a cool effect with the negative space. What colours will you use? Mr. Carter used blue and changed the shade as he went up the cross.




Maths activity


Watch the video ( and go on a shape hunt around the house! Below is a pro-forma you can print off to use if you wish. 




Shape Hunt Pro-forma

Home Learning Pictures (3rd April)

Anika's Clap for Her Teachers

Still image for this video



Good morning everyone! Below is today’s learning activities. Today we have some phonics, maths, art and cutting skills activities. It has been great to see everyone’s learning at home! Big shout out to James E, James P, Belle, Tati, Jorja, Anika and Luther for sending in pictures of their learning yesterday – well done!




Today's sound is 'oo'. Watch the video and have a go at the activities!





Play 'The Box Game



Physical Development


Practise your cutting skills!



Expressive Arts and Design


Get creative outside! All you need is some masking tape and some coloured chalk!





Home Learning (2nd April)



Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day today! Get out in the garden and play and/or enjoy the sunshine when going out for your exercise. Below are today's home learning activities:


Personal and social activity:


Help mum and dad out and put the washing on!



Maths activity:


Use Lego or Duplo to make ababab or abbabb patterns with different colours. What other patterns can you make?



Phonics activity:


Today's sound is 'ay'. Watch the YouTube video of Mr. Bennett teaching 'ay' and follow along with the activities. 



Expressive arts and design:


Follow the steps ( to make your very own Milk Jug Elmer!


Home Learning (1st April)



Hello everyone! It’s Mr. Bennett looking after the home learning this week. Any questions or work please email I am reading a story every day and uploading it to my YouTube channel -


If you have any story request please write or draw them and send them to me! smiley


Phonics Activity:


Watch Mr. Bennett’s ‘ow’ sound lesson and join in with the activities.





Writing Activity:


Write a post card to an adult from school and post it when you go for your daily exercise. The school’s address is:


Holy Trinity CE Primary School, Chatsworth Road, Dartford, Kent, DA1 5AF


Who will you write to? Mr. Bennett, Mr. Carter, Miss. Webb, Mrs. O’Shaughnessy or Miss. Soutter? mail


Physical Development Activity:



Creative Activity:



Home Learning Pictures (Monday 30th March)

Naava's calm jar
Gracie's letter to Mr. Bennett
Anika's high-frequency words
Luther's calm jar
Luther's post-card to Mr. Bennett (1)
Luther's post-card to Mr. Bennett (2)


Welcome back, we hope you had a great weekend, please keep checking this page for your daily activities.


Phonics Activity:

Try and read some of the challenges from today's sound 'ee.'


Writing Activity:

Learn to spell the first 5 high frequency words (list attached below)...






Try the look-cover-write method. Look at the words, cover them up, try to write them, then check to see if you were right. If you can spell these words already try to write them in a sentence.


Maths Activity:

Join Mr Carter for a measuring lesson! 


Music Activity:

Learn to clap simple rhythms and your name with Myleene's Music Class (also available everyday at 11am).


Personal and Social Activity:



Here are your activities with a special guest appearance from Mr Bennett! Parents and children if there is anything you would like us to do please let us know.


Story Activity:

Create your own story map of Jack and the Beanstalk, use it to practise retelling the story to an adult. It doesn't need to be as detailed as our one. Just try and include the main events. Here are some examples we found online:




When you are confident send us a video of you telling the story to share with your friends.


Maths Activity:

Join Mr Bennett for a Maths lesson: 


How many ways can you make 10?


Creative Activity:

Find some interestingly shaped objects and try and draw around their shadows to make a piece of art.



Imaginative Activity:


Personal and Social Activity:

Ask an adult if you can phone a member of your family to talk to. Think of some questions to ask them. Remember questions usually start with who, what, where, when, why or how.

Some more great work everyone, enjoy your weekend and see you back here on Monday!


Here are the activities for today, keep the pictures and videos coming, it's certainly helping us feel less lonely.


Story Activity:

Watch the video of our Jack and the Beanstalk story map.

Can you begin to learn the story and make up your own actions?



Writing Activity:

Choose character from the story, think about how they might have been feeling and what they might have said. Draw a picture of the character with a speech bubble. E.g. Jack's Mum was furious and might have said "MAGIC BEANS! Go straight to bed!"


Maths Activity:

Try the daily Maths challenge (attached below).

See if you can make up a game with a die.

E.g. Roll a 1 - do a starjump

Roll a 2 - do 2 press ups


Singing Activity:

Listen to the Jack and the Beanstalk song. Try and learn to sing the chorus: "Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Fee fi fo fum, hey Jack get back, hey Jack get back.


Personal and Social Activity:

Spread some happiness by thinking of a compliment to say to everyone in your house.

Lovely to see your amazing work again Reception! We a very proud of you.

Ingrid's Jack and the Beanstalk Song

Still image for this video

Mielan's Giant Impression

Still image for this video

Who can beat this impression of the giant?

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Thank you for a great response yesterday, don't forget to try the Joe Wicks PE lesson at 9.00am. Here are today's activities.

Story Activity

Listen again to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Do your best impression of the giant (big loud booming voice, giant footsteps). Send us a video if you like.


Personal and Social Activity

Lay the table for your family at meal times. Can you count out the right number of each item (knives, forks, plates etc) from the kitchen?


Writing Activity

Pretend you are Jack's Mum. Write a shopping list of all the yummy food you want Jack to get from the market with the gold coins.


Maths Activity

Practise the teen number song.

Do the daily Maths challenge with number 12. This can be done orally, or the attachment can be downloaded and you can fill it out on a tablet or computer or print it if you like.



Creative Activity

Make something for a giant. It can be whatever you like but it has to be giant sized! e.g. giant cutlery. Don't forget to send us some pictures.

Thank you parents and children, some super work again! It's great to see you keeping busy and learning at home.


Story Activity

Listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Talk about what you favourite part was.


Phonics Activity 


Writing Activity

Draw a picture of what you think a Giant looks like! Can you write some words or a sentence to describe it?


Maths Activity

Practise the teen number song.

See if you can find 11 objects from around the house and arrange them in a display.


Creative Activity

Spread some cheer by making a rainbow to display in your window. Children all around the country are doing the same. If you are walking around the local area, look out for rainbows. 


A great description! Well done Gracie!
Amazing sentences, thank you Naava.
Fee fi fo fum! Very creative Alex.
'Hairy the Giant' awesome work Yasmin.
What a scary giant Greta!
James made a rainbow...
and watched story time with Mr Bennett.
Another terrifying giant from Gabriel.
Thank you for spreading some cheer Ingrid.
Well done Luther we love your giant.

Mr. Bennett, Ladybird Class Teacher

Mr. Carter, Butterfly Class Teacher