Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 5

Pre-Learning Shout out!


We feel passionately about pupils completing pre-learning as their homework, because it gives them a head start and an insight into what they will be learning the following week. 

If they come to class prepared with some pre-knowledge we can take their learning even deeper.


Set on: 18thOctober

Due in at the latest: 28th October


Make a model rat! You can use any source of material from papier mache to Lego! You choose!

Find out why rats were an important part of history from The Middle Ages.

Either take a photo of your model to stick in your homework book or bring your model in to be displayed in the classroom.

Comprehension Homework - None set for Half Term

Set on: 

Due in at the latest: 

(Please note that after half term, the comprehension answers will be sent home also. This is so responses can be discussed and gone through together.)


Please read and complete pages - (Qs) of your CGP Comprehension Book. This week's text is called '' This genre of text is