Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 5

Spellings Week 5

Spellings Week 5 1

Pre-Learning Shout out!


We feel passionately about pupils completing pre-learning as their homework, because it gives them a head start and an insight into what they will be learning the following week. 

If they come to class prepared with some pre-knowledge we can take their learning even deeper.


Set on: 5th February

Due in at the latest: 10th February


If you could travel to any time period, anywhere in the world, where would you go? Make a scrapbook of your chosen period and explain what you would do while you were there.

Comprehension Homework 

Set on: 5th February

Due in at the latest: 10th February


Please read and complete the page titled 'The School Herald'. This is where you are to write a news article about a school event. What events have we had at our school? Perhaps a Sports Day, Christmas Fair, a class trip or maybe there is something else. 

Create questions on the adjacent page (Qs1-6) for a peer to have a go at answering.


We will be using this news article that has been written in our classrooms for a Guided Reading session next week.