Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 5

Spelling Week 3

Pre-Learning Shout out!


We feel passionately about pupils completing pre-learning as their homework, because it gives them a head start and an insight into what they will be learning the following week. 

If they come to class prepared with some pre-knowledge we can take their learning even deeper.


Set on: 13th November

Due in at the latest: 18th November


Next week you are writing your very own speech as Wat Tyler. For your pre-learning, have a look at some famous speeches and collate some words or phrases that you believe are effective and persuasive. You will be using your pre-learning to support your work in next week’s lesson.

Comprehension Homework - None set for Half Term

Set on: 13th November

Due in at the latest: 18th November


Please read and complete pages 14-15 - (Qs1-6) of your CGP Comprehension Book. This week's text is called 'Pompeii' This genre of text is Non-Fiction.


Parents, please see the photo below of the answers to this comprehension task so you can sit with your child and go through their homework with them.


Pompeii answers