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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's home learning page!


Year 4, we are very sad that we haven't been able to start this term as we had planned, however, despite being apart we can still learn together! So we will be here every step of the way, updating this page with plenty of learning to keep your brains active.


We look forward to checking in with you and seeing your faces during our daily registration at 11am and we cannot wait to receive your work, please send anything through to: 


We will respond with feedback on any work that we receive. 

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Here are your spellings for the term, if you would like to complete your own pre-test at home please do, we will hold a spelling test as usual each Monday

If anything is ever unclear, if you are stuck on anything or if you would like to ask a question about your Home Learning then please do tell us! You can fill out the below contact form and we will either get back to you individually, or we will address items in our registration each morning.

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