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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's Home Learning page. Our staff will update this page with great activities for you to complete at home.


We hope you enjoy the tasks and we would love to see and hear all about your Home Learning. You could contact us using the messaging link on our class page! Use link below

Happy Earth Day. Today is a day to recognise how amazing our planet is and appreciate all the wonderful gifts the Earth gives us, such as the seas, land, animals and plants. As well as appreciating the wonders of the planet, it is important to recognise how we are damaging the planet and how we can change to reduce the effects humanity may have!

To celebrate Earth Day, I have found a few activity suggestions you may like to do:

  1. Design a poster to highlight the importance of looking after the planet, you may want to do a poster about pollution, saving water or climate change.
  2. Design and make a bird feeder, insect hotel or animal home.
  3. Try regrowing vegetables from scraps.
  4. Be a news reporter and make a video reporting on  Earth Day. Why is it important to look after our planet? What suggestions would you make to help protect the Earth?
  5. If you are able to go outside in your gardens or for a walk or exercise, why not take some photos of the nature around you? You could use the photos to create a collage showing why the Earth makes you happy. 
  6. Have a look throught the NASA link attached: they have provided a range of activities for you to do at home and also share the message about why the Earth is so valuable.