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Year 3

Pre-Learning Shout out!


We feel passionately about pupils completing pre-learning as their homework, because it gives them a head start and an insight into what they will be learning the following week. 

If they come to class prepared with some pre-knowledge we can take their learning even deeper.


Stay tuned for weekly updates!

Term 1 spellings

Pre-learning set 24.9.21 due back 29.9.21


In preparation for next week we would like you to research what a ‘recount’ is and the features it should include.

Maybe you can practice using these features by writing a recount about our Sports Day?


Pre Learning 15th September due back 20th September


Create a fictional Apex Predator, who will be the main character for your narrative next week.


Apex Predator: The top / highest predator 

Pre-Learning set Friday 15th October due back Wednesday 20th October

Do you know what owls like to eat? Can you find out what prey they like to eat and then plan a 3-course meal for them. What would you plan for a starter, main meal and desert? You can be as creative as you like in presenting your pre-learning. However, try to keep your meal ideas as accurate as possible.

We would also like you to go onto our class homework page and practice our two songs. ‘Conkers’ for our Harvest performance and ‘What a wonderful world’ for our Black History Month performance.

 Spellings week 6  

What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong - SignSing BSL SSE

Conkers song

Conkers lyrics