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Year 3



Daffodil daffodil how much colour you bring,

Daffodil daffodil why do you only appear in spring?

Daffodil daffodil you’re so soft to touch 

Daffodil daffodil I like you very much 

Daffodil daffodil you bring smile and warmth at every glance, 

Daffodil daffodil I’d have you all year if I had the chance 

Daffodil daffodil seeing you must be a sign

We need to be grateful daffodil even at this time 

When the world seems uncertain and not quite the same, 

Blossoming brightly and beautiful you will remain. 


By Mrs N Pierri

Welcome to Year 3's Home Learning page. We will update this page with great activities for you to complete at home.


We hope you enjoy the tasks and we would love to see and hear all about your Home Learning. You could contact us using the messaging link on our class page! Use link below 


Hi Year 3! 

We miss you very much, we hope you are keeping yourselves safe and healthy and we can't wait to see you soon. Whilst we are unable to see each other we will post some tasks for you to do here... Please don't forget that you can send us pictures or messages on the link below or email: 


Mrs Pierri, Mrs Bower and Mr Sutherland. 


As you enjoyed this so much in PSHE last term lets see if we can play together from home... 


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