Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 2



Pre-Learning Shout Out


Our Learning

This week and next week we will be learning about instructions. We will be looking at the features of instruction writing, both language and layout. We will be following instructions in a recipe to bake fairy cakes. 


Pre-Learning Task

Find a recipe at home and do some baking with an adult at home. Stick in some photos of your baking and have a go at writing your own instructions. Alternatively, you could follow a set of instructions to build a model. 

We would like to see what you come up with by Wednesday 18th at the latest. 

Have fun with it and enjoy!



Pre-Learning Shout Out


Next week we will be writing a recount of our Muck, Mess and Mixture Day. To prepare for this, write a fantastic recount of your weekend. Don't forget your time connectives, interesting verbs and adverbs. Lots of description would be wonderful. Describe any activities you took part in and where you went. Add in how you felt about the activities. 


In addition, we are collecting pasta for an art/geography project. If you have any spare pasta then we would appreciate any donations. 


We are sending home a comprehension book. One activity is to be completed each week to build up comprehension skills. These books will be due in by Wednesday. Please do not complete the whole book.


Many thanks, 


Miss Ramsay and Mrs Youseman