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Year 2 Puffin & Hedgehogs

*Home learning*


Dear parents/ carers,


We hope you are keeping well. We are all very upset that we won’t get to spend the last few days of Term 2 with our classes, but we are remaining positive and we have planned some lovely home learning activities for the pupils to complete.


The class page on the school website will be updated daily. If you need any tasks clarified please email or


Pupils can email their work directly to us so that we can provide feedback or they can email any work to:

Hello Year 2!

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Thursday 17th December.


Good morning Year 2, here are todays tasks for you.


Don't forget we be hosting Zoom meetings today to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Puffins can log in at 11am and Hedgehogs at 1pm. We can't wait to see you!


Can you design and make a Christmas card for someone special. Here are some ideas that may help inspire you.





Following on from last weeks Science lesson where we discussed the importance diet and nutrition. Can you plan your ideal Christmas dinner. Will you have a starter and pudding or just a main course? Try to remember the importance of having balanced meals. Draw your perfect Christmas dinner and then write a shopping list of the ingredients you will need for your meal. When we write lists we must include commas after each item, can you include commas in your list? 


Wednesday 16th December 


Good Morning Year 2, here are your activities for today. 


Now that we are all in isolation, we're not able to find out what cheeky antics Twinkle and Puffin are getting up to! We would like you to write a short story about how you think the elves must be feeling and what they might be getting up to at school without us!


Can you recreate the Nativity scene, if possible can you combine a range of techniques such as paint and collage? 


Now it's too soon to start tracking Santa, however why not take a look at the Norad Santa tracker website. In the library section you can explore different Christmas traditions from all over the world. Can you find out how Christmas is celebrated in Kenya or how Australians celebrate this magical time?


Pick a country and and create a fact file detailing their traditions, how does that country's festivities compare to your own traditions with your family?


Tuesday 15th December


Here are a few fun activities for you to do today:


Watch the pantomime and write a review. What was your favourite part? Who was your favourite character? Did you enjoy the storyline? 


Create you own Christmas tree piece of art, try to be as creative as you can with the resources you have available to you. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.





Maths - Choose 2 pages that you would like to complete. Remember to prove it! You can use pictorial, number line or column method. We look forward to seeing your work. If you do not have a printer please write some of the questions out and show your working.

Have you seen this years John Lewis Christmas advert? Follow the link in the document to find the advert and complete the comprehension questions.



If your child is unable to attend school due to compulsory self-isolation because of coronavirus, we ask them to:


Complete their Mathletic tasks

Read their reading books everyday. Websites such as EPIC books and Oxford Owl have excellent free e-books and resources available. 

Practice their weekly spellings which are on the website.

Complete lessons on Oak National Academy 


Feel free to evidence any work completed in your child's red book, or email any work to their class teacher for feedback.


If parents require extra support with this, please email or

Welcome to our class page and more importantly welcome to Year 2!


We are so very excited to be embarking on the next part of your learning journey together!


Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


Miss Ross is the Class Teacher of Hedgehog Class with Mrs Wilders as the Class Teaching Assistant.


Mrs Schoeman is the Class Teacher of Puffin Class with Mrs Procter as the Class Teaching Assistant.


Mrs Cox and Mrs Reynolds will be addition support across the whole of Year 2. 


If there is ever anything you would to know anything about your child's learning or if you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the form below. 


Pupils: In order to take Accelerated Reader quizzes log-on here, to complete any Mathletics homework click here (Mathletics tasks are set every Wednesday, these tasks are normally pre-learning for upcoming topics). You can find spellings and weekly pre-learning under the homework tab on the home page.

Below you can find the objectives that your child will be assessed against for Maths, Reading and Writing.

If you would like to contact Miss Ross, please fill out the form below.

If you would like to contact Mrs Schoeman, please fill out the form below.