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Year 2 Puffin & Hedgehogs

Wise Men, Wise Men

I'm Gonna Shine Reprise

We've All Come Together

I'm the King

Can you hear the angels singing?

Don't Be Afraid

I'm Gonna Shine

The Potato Song

Term 1 - Muck, Mess and Mixtures


Welcome to Year 2! This term we are getting our hands messy with a range of mixtures! We will be mixing up tasty treats, swirling and squelching slime, combining colours to make new vibrant shades, creating marvellous medicines and bubbling up magical potions. Through our messy investigations we will immerse our senses in gloop and goo to help improve our vocabulary and provide some stimulus for wonderful writing. This term we will be delighting in writing sets of instructions, gripping narratives and ravishing recounts. We will be learning all about place value in our Maths and be tripping over our tongues with times table facts. Year 2 will be working hard on their handwriting, spellings and reading and making sure that they have fun through lots of learning opportunities in a range of subjects. We will be exploring the world through our Geography lessons, ensuring that we know all of the key facts about continents and oceans. Year 2 will be swooping over the UK to learn about its countries and capital cities. In Music, we will be investigating different songs which are linked to messy mixtures. We will use these to help us compose new songs and use a variety of mixtures to create new sounds. This will result in a Muck, Mess and Mixture orchestra! In R.E. we will be taking things back to Creation to really understand the story and God's plan for humans. We will also be creating some amazing artwork!


Dear Parents,

With so much to do Year 2 are certain to be a little tired so make sure they do their reading and get to bed at a decent time so that we can have lively lessons and learn to our full potential. It's shaping up to be a terrific term! Any queries or questions, I am happy to have notes in the reading record book or if you would like to request a meeting please get in touch. Please ensure that your child gets their reading record book signed every night, does their Mathletics and learns their spellings (we are currently sorting the children into Phonics groups so there are no spellings as of yet). The pre-learning tasks are all linked to the work we do in class. We would really appreciate your co-operation in completing them or at least doing some research into the work that we are doing. 

Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated, 

Miss Ramsay and Mrs Youseman