Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Year 2

Week Beginning 18.05.20


Brave Knights of Trinity Castle, 


You are doing so well with your learning quests! Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit have been highly impressed with the work that we are receiving from you. Keep it up! Not long to go now until we reach the end of a busy term of quests.


I regret to inform you that on Sunday 17th May 2020 at 7:00pm, Trinity Castle was attacked by a ferocious dragon. It set fire to some of the towers and gobbled up some of our brave knights who were trying to defend the castle with trebuchets, arrows and spears.  Its wings created hurricane type winds which have blown away our flags and blown down the trees in the surrounding forest. Its roar was loud enough to deafen even the youngest members of the castle. It was so hungry that it gobbled up all of our sheep and cows - it was like an enormous barbecue! It really was a terrible event! Your writing quest this week will be to write a newspaper report all about this horrendous visitor. It will need to describe the events in great detail so that everyone in the land knows of this and is warned in case a dragon attacks their own castles! You may want to interview people to find out any extra details about the story. How did the people who live there feel? What were they doing when the dragon attacked? Were there any heroes who tried to stop it or saved lives? What are the people of Trinity Castle doing now to rebuild their lives? It is up to you to write a detailed, interesting and heartfelt story about this! After you have written your news report, you could even turn it into a news story that you record and send to us. We can't wait to read your news report or watch it! 


Click on the quests below to get some help to write your news report. We have also included all of your other daily quests to complete as usual. 


Happy writing brave knights!

Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit 


Week Beginning 11th May 2020


Welcome, welcome our dear, brave knights of Holy Trinity Castle!


We hope you have had fun over the past week, completing the quests you were given.  It has been wonderful receiving all your work you have sent us via e-mail - well done!!


Alas, the quests are not yet complete!  This week, we will be learning to write diary entries, creating some knight artwork and continuing with statistics.


Continue your brave battles, dear knights and conquer this week's quests!


Anon dearest friends,

Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit



Week Beginning - 04.05.20


Dear Gallant Year 2 Knights, 


Here is another week of daring learning quests for you to complete. This week we will be focusing on writing quest myths, completing a science investigation into materials and learning all about statistics! We love seeing your spoils so please keep sending your wonderful work to us via email or as photos to be posted on the website.


Adventure awaits young warriors so go forth and seize your destinies...  


Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit


Good Morrow Year 2 Knights.
We hope that thou art well rested and ready for thy new quests this week! 

News hath travelled to Queens Ramsay and Pettit of plans that King Eggberd intends to attack Holy Trinity Castle and lay siege!  It is now up to thou, valiant knights to learn all thou can about the weapons and armour needed to protect our great kingdom.

Don't forget, thou wilt need to sharpen thy maths skills to make sure thou art given the correct change from the weapon makers when thou buy thy provisions, so count thy money carefully! 

To help thou learn about medieval battles, thou couldst complete the history quest and find out what happened in 1066. 

Make sure thou art brushing up on thy reading skills - the texts thou have been provided may just help thou in thy quest to save the castle. 

We are very bored sitting in our towers and would love an email from you to show us all your courageous endeavours!  Queen Ramsay can be reached on and Queen Pettit can be found waiting on

Anyway, we wish thou the best of luck in this week's quests and bid thou anon.
 Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit

Hear ye, hear ye! Hear ye, hear ye! 

Listen up for orders from Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit of Holy Trinity Castle.

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Easter break with lots of chocolate and Easter fun. Since you have been away, we have decided to delve into the world of Towers, Tunnels and Turrets for our next topic. By the end of the term you will all know the difference between a tower and a turret and how to lay siege to a castle. You will experience some of the food that medieval people would have eaten and maybe some of you will have learned the lute (this is not compulsory). Year 2 children are all hereby knighted upon the orders of Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit, joint rulers of the Year 2 tower of Holy Trinity Castle. This means that you will all be able to take up the quests that we have in store for you this term if you have the courage that is. You may face dragons, lions or even Maths problems but we have no doubt that you will all overcome these obstacles and be successful in your quest for education. Keep your eyes peeled on the inter-scroll for all details of your learning quests each week. Please send in all treasures gained from your learning quests to your rulers' emails to show them how well you have done with each quest. It gets a bit boring up in the tower without all of you knights for entertainment so we would love to see your trophies! Pictures, writing, powerpoints, video clips etc... all are considered valuable trophies.


Now our valiant knights, away with you...your quests will now begin...ride out with valour, resilience and resolve...let your thirst for adventure and knowledge guide you...


For the kingdom of Holy Trinity!!!

We bid you all adieu and wish you luck in your endeavours,

Queen Ramsay and Queen Pettit 

Captain Morley has been busy recording another chapter of 'Captain Jake' by Shannon Stewart for you all to listen to. We hope you are enjoying it and had a lovely Easter. Try to do the activities and questions. Once you have finished them, please send your answers to


Good luck, stay safe young pirates!

Treasure chapter 3

Captain Morley has been busy recording another chapter of 'Captain Jake' by Shannon Stewart for you all to listen to. We hope you are enjoying it! Try to do the activities and questions. Once you have finished them, please send your answers to


Good luck, stay safe young pirates!

Treasure Chapter 2

Ahoy there!


Shiver me timbers! Captain Morley is back. She was busy sailing the seven seas hunting for buried treasure and keeping lookout.


She has recorded a chapter of a story for you to listen to. The book is called 'Captain Jake' by Shannon Stewart. It is a cracking story, have fun and try to do the activities and questions. Once you have finished them, please send your answers to


Good luck, me hearties!


Chapter 1 'Treasure' by Shannon Stewart

Ahoy there Year 2 Crew!! 


It's stormy seas out there but I hope you're all doing well and being the brave and fearless pirates that I know you all are! I've been missing seeing your smiley faces while I've been working with another group of pirates in the port of Holy Trinity but I hear from Captain Pettit that you've all been working hard! This week it's Captain Pettit's turn to work in the harbour so I'll be posting a week of activities for you to do. In me old age I'll be forgetting what you all look like so please don't forget to send in pictures or videos of your work, we'd love to see them. I'm looking forward to that handwriting being ship-shape! If you'd rather not put it on the website, you can email me at Don't forget to help your mums and dads scrub those decks where you live and keep your own ships tidy. Make sure that you're doing some exercise each day. I hear Pirate Joe Wicks is pretty good at climbing the rigging so tune in to him at 9am on youtube! 

Don't forget to keep reading and singing! 


Keep safe!

Captain Ramsay 

Monday's Ship's Schedule

* Curl up in your crow's nest and read the Diary of a Young Pirate text, then test your understanding by answering some questions. 

* Read and sing the sea shanties that we learned at the beginning of the term to get an idea for your own sea shanties... Can you remember the actions? 

* Today focus on measuring length. Find a ruler, tape measure or even a trundle wheel if you have one and measure some objects in your house. The list is in the document below. Don't forget to start at 0 and measure in centimetres and metres. 

* Write some pirate sentences including contractions. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops!

Eg. The parrot didn't like his crackers. 

The crew wouldn't eat their fruit and vegetables. 

* Have a go at making your own pirate hat. Here is a simple idea but yours could be much more creative. Use what you have in your house. Don't forget pirate captains had bicorne or tricorne hats.

* Take a trip on this pirate ride....

Design your own pirate ride. Can you make it even better?




Let's read and sing some sea shanties...

Tuesday's Ship's Schedule

* Curl up in your crow's nest and re-read the Diary of a Young Pirate. Then answer some new questions

* Write down a list of things that pirates do. This will help you to form the lyrics for your sea shanty. 

Eg.  Hoist the sails.  Walk the plank. Pull up the anchor. 

* Find some scales and weigh a number of objects in your house. You should be weighing in grams or kilograms. Don't forget that the needle on the scales should be at zero to start.

* Design a fearsome pirate flag. If you have a spare sheet or piece of material and paints you could paint your design on there. You might also grab a stick to attach it to so that you can wave it proudly. 

*Watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and write a review. What did you think of the film? Would you recommend it to a friend? Who was your favourite character and why? Did any of it surprise you or make you sad?



Wednesday's Ship's Schedule

* Curl up in the crow's nest and read 'The Diary of Red Riding Hood'. Then answer some questions based on it. 


* Put your measuring skills to the test and bake some ship's biscuits (shortbread biscuits). You could even ice them with pirate designs. Send in pictures of your creations before you get to the important business of eating them! See the recipe posted below or use your own recipe. 


* Hum the melody (tune) of your favourite song or nursery rhyme. Keep it a simple one. Even 'Baby Shark' would do it. Then write some lyrics for your sea shanty based on this melody. Fit your lyrics to the note patterns. 

Eg.  Scrub the do do do do do

       Hoist the sail... do do do do do do

       Climb the do do do do do

       Pirates dance!

(Sing this to the melody of 'Baby Shark')

You might want to record it so that you don't forget it...


* Try our pirate Maths investigation. - A Pirate Adventure


* Read a book involving pirates and write a review.


* Keep practising writing your sentences with contractions - use your handwriting book to keep it neat. 


Maths Investigation Time...

Ready, steady...BAKE!

Thursday's Ship's Schedule


* Curl up in the crow's nest and read 'The Diary of an Astronaut'. Then answer some questions based on it to check your understanding.


*Add some pots, pans and any home-made instruments to your sea shanty to accompany yourself. You might want to get the whole family involved and start a band. Send in any videos of your performance. Think about the different rhythms that you could use and whether you want to make any parts of your song extra dramatic. If you can already play an instrument then feel free to use that too. I look forward to seeing your performances!


*Find a measuring jug and measure some different liquids in your house in ml and l. See the list below for ideas of measurements and liquids.


*Write a pirate story involving a sea monster. It could be the Kraken or something much more will your crew save themselves? Will they make it out alive or end up marooned on a desert island???


* Create a pirate scene in your house. Dress up as pirates in anything that you can find and create a base. It could be a pirate ship or a desert island. Get the rest of your family to help and act out a swashbuckling pirate scene. Or you could create a tableau (still life). Take a picture of your efforts!




Curl up in the crow's nest and do some reading...

Friday's Ship's Schedule


*Curl up in your crow's nest with your favourite book. No questions today, just enjoy reading it!


* Mix up some sea potions to cure any illnesses aboard your pirate ship! (PARENTS - I would use water for the ingredients but you can add in some food colouring to create the different colours.) Measure carefully! Watch the potions change colour as they are mixed it some sort of sea witchery? Post some pictures of you mixing up the potions. See below for recipes. 


* Perform your sea shanty for your family, give them a concert that they won't forget. Ask them to give you feedback and write their comments into a review of your song. What did they like about it? Would they sing it themselves? Did they think that the accompaniment worked? How were the lyrics? Would they make any improvements? 


* Create a seascape with paints, watercolours, pastels, colouring pencils, felt pens or crayons. Cut out a black ship from card (if you have no black paper or card then colour in some white paper) and stick it on top as a silhouette. You could add in the silhouette of a desert island with a palm tree too.


*Create a desert island out of papier mache (paper, PVA glue and water).  


*Create a pirate animation or treasure map maze on Scratch or any another animation site that you have found...


* Write me a letter or email letting me know how you are. I would love to hear from you all! 


Have a lovely weekend!!!!

This is the idea with the silhouette picture...

Home Learning Term 4, Week 6


Hi Everybody! 


Thank you so much for all the e-mails we've received with pictures and photos and stories that you've done during your time at home - we've loved seeing them!  


Attached below are this week's challenges!  Hope you have fun doing them!


Miss Ramsay and Miss Pettit


Welcome to Year 2's Home Learning page. Our staff will update this page with great activities for you to complete at home.


We hope you enjoy the tasks and we would love to see and hear all about your Home Learning. You could contact us using the messaging link on our class page! Use link below