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Year 1 Barn Owl & Red Squirrels


Welcome to Year 1!


Welcome to our class page and more importantly welcome to Year 1! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates. Miss Morley is the Class Teacher of Barn Owls Class with Mrs O’Shaughnessy as the Class Teaching Assistant. Miss Soutter is the Class Teacher of Red Squirrels Class with Mr Attwood as the Class Teaching Assistant. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning or have any questions or suggestions please feel free to pop a note in your child’s contact book or fill in the form below.


To complete any Mathletics homework click here (Mathletics tasks are set every Wednesday, these tasks are normally pre-learning for upcoming topics). 



Our pre-test will be on Friday 25th September and our test will be on Monday 28th September. Therefore, please complete Spelling practice weekly. Please use the hands-on spelling activity sheet to give you fun ways to practice them.

Spellings Week 5



Your child's Mathletics logins have been stuck in the front of their red pre-learning book. They have been assigned three activities to complete. They have until Monday 28th September to complete these tasks.



Pre-Learning tasks for Term 1


Please feel free to complete these activities over the course of Term 1. Please highlight once you have completed them. Feel free to add any pictures or comments. We would love to see what you have been getting up to.



WRITING CHALLENGE! Make a mini book or leaflet about your favourite woodland animal using facts. Research on the internet or visit the local library to find facts and information about your woodland animal.

Build a den with your family or friends. Draw a picture or take a photograph of it to show at school. Write about how you made your den and the materials you used.

Compare the shape and size of different leaves.

Can you make miniature homes and gardens for fairies and pixies? Use natural materials such as bark, pebbles, twigs, leaves and pine cones. Draw a picture or take a photograph of it to show at school.

CREATIVE CHALLENGE! Draw and write a plant diary. Take photographs or draw pictures to show your plant as it grows and changes each week.

Play the ‘who am I?’ game with family and friends.  They need to ask you questions to find out if you are a woodland animal, plant, or tree.






We also ask that you listen to your child read for at least 10 minutes every day.

Year 1 Assessment grids
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