Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders




*Write a diary with pictures about which fruit and vegetables you eat every day. Do you manage to eat five a day? If you can, you may want to write a sentence or some sentences about it.

Today I ate a tasty banana, an apple, some juicy grapes and five orange carrot sticks. I was very healthy.


*Read the story 'Supertato' and create a comic strip about your own superhero vegetable or fruit. Maybe it will be Super Broccoli who has to battle the villain Crazy Cabbage who is threatening to roll over all of the peas and squish them. Be inventive! 


*Create riddles for a vegetables or fruit. Write three clues and then see if your family can guess what they are. you may want to create a flap book with the riddle on the outside of the flap and a picture of the fruit or vegetable on the inside. 


I am a juicy sphere,

I have craters like the moon,

I have segments,

What am I? 

(an orange)


*Write a recipe for a super salad. You could make it a rainbow salad. Think about your ingredients and your method. What skills will you need to use to create it?