Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

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What to be doing at home

Fox Class – CGP Homework

Set: 23/9/2020

GPS – Pages 6 and 7.

Reading – Read pages 4-5 and answer the questions on pages 6-7.

Maths/ stretch – Page 12 and 13.

Swan Class- CGP Homework

Set: 23/9/2020

GPS - Pages 4 and 5

Reading - Pages 4 - 9

Maths - Pages 2 - 4 and 7

Magpie Class- Homework

Set: 23/9/2020

GPS - Pages 20-22

Reading - Pages 4 - 7

Maths - Pages 10-12

Spellings - horrible terrible possible edible reversible invincible legible adorable available forgivable disposable ammunition weaponry column difference 

Next week's learning - multiplication & division in Maths. World War One soldier diary writing in Topic. 




Set: 18/9/2020     Due: 25/9/2020

available, vegetable; accommodate, accompany, according, apparent, committee, correspond, embarrass, harass,

Topic words:  alliance, trenches

Star spellings: water, away, good, want, over

Pre-learning - Term 1

This term our learning project is called ‘Fallen Fields’ Below are the weekly pre-learning tasks. These tasks are optional and therefore can be completed throughout the term if your child wishes. If handed in they will be celebrated via display however they will not be marked.


  • Research the Wright Brothers and one of their famous inventions, the biplane. We want you to find out all about how the brothers came up with the biplane and why it was so important during World War One.


  • Create and label a diagram of what it was like to live in the trenches during World War One. Make sure to write a set of rules for the soldiers in the trenches.


  • Write or find a poem about World War One to practice and perform in class.


  • Imagine you are a soldier in World War One and have just experienced the Christmas truce. Create a diary entry about your experience. Do not forget to include all the exciting things that happened and how you felt.

  • Research Wilfred Salmon, a brave soldier during World War One. Use the information you have gathered to write his biography.


This year all children will receive CGP books for Maths, GPS and Comprehension. This will focus on pre-learning tasks as well as consolidating learning. The content within the books are designed to be similar to SATs style questions. The expectations for the books will be explained weekly and will be available on the class pages.

Maths homework will be set weekly via – here pupils will be consolidating and pre-learning topics taught in class. This is due to be completed each Wednesday. Pupils without a device at home will be given the opportunity to complete this at school. Once their set tasks are complete they can compete on Live Mathletics, trying to get their name on the leader boards enhancing their mathematical skills further. Also, pupils are set in times tables groups and will be given a times table to learn for homework ready for their weekly test on a Thursday.

Spellings with be set on a Friday after a pre-spelling test and teaching of the spelling patterns. Children will then be tested again on the following Friday in Class. To support the learning of the spellings, here are some possible activities you could use:
1.          Find out the meaning of 6 words and write their definitions in your books.

2.         Use 6 words in a sentence correctly.

3.         Find synonyms for 6 of the words in this week’s spelling list.

4.         Write out each word in this week’s spelling list 5 times.

5.         Look, write, cover, check for each word.

Pre-learning tasks are an opportunity for pupils to gain an advantage in their future learning. For example if we were learning about adding fractions then the tasks set the week before would be about adding fractions, and pupils would have had an exposure to the learning area before we have a lesson in it.