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Wednesday's Quest

Wednesday's Quest


* Read the Robo-Tours news report and answer questions based on it.


* Complete the daily GPS quest.


* Write your first draft of a news story out. Don't forget to include newspaper reporter language and include important details like the date, time and who was involved. Describe what happened with details. Add in any quotes that you gathered yesterday. You can use inverted commas (speech marks) to show that these are quotes.  Eg. Sir Ben, a knight, commented, " I was so scared that I couldn't move. The flames came towards me and I could feel the heat on my face but I couldn't run. Luckily, my brother pulled me out of the way  just in time." Don't worry about writing it up like a newspaper report in columns yet. Just write it out like a story to start with. We can write it up with a headline tomorrow. 


*Solve another mathematical mystery!


*While you wait for your mask to dry, have a go at baking some delicious dragon biscuits.