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Wednesday's Quest

Wednesday's Quests


* Read and answer the comprehension questions based on Queen Elizabeth II. She is our queen today. Do you know the name of a palace or castle that she lives in?


*Complete the daily GPS quest.


*Think about the two main settings that will appear in your story. One of them will be the castle and the other will be the monster's lair. Draw pictures of them and describe them in sentences. Don't forget to include lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases.


*Use the data that you collected yesterday and turned into a tally chart and now convert (change) it into a bar chart or bar graph. You could practise your bar chart skills first with the sheets below.


*Continue with your Rapunzel material investigation. You will now need to use your results to form some conclusions and design a shelter using the materials that you found to be best. Think now about the shape and experiment with some different 3D shapes. You could use blu-tack and lolly sticks for this or similar materials.


*Turn your design for your quest story monster into a model by making salt dough and moulding it into the right shape. When you're happy with your model, you can bake it and it will go hard. It is a little bit like clay.