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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 2!

We are half way through our first week of Home Learning.

It was so lovely to see you during our registration yesterday and we are looking forward to seeing your faces again today at 10am.

Don't forget we have the contact form on the previous page if you have any questions about the below learning.


Below you will find:

-A Topic lesson.

-A Maths lesson.

-A Times Tables task.

-A Guided reading task.

-A GPS lesson.


We are so proud of the amazing work you are doing at home and cannot wait to see what you produce today.

Maths introduction

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Maths - Subtracting 2 digit numbers. Task 1 complete questions 1-4 a or b. Task 2 complete questions 1-8 a or b,Task 3 complete questions 5-12 a or b. The answers are on the last page but please email if you need any clarification.

Guided Reading - Captain Blackbeard

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Captain Blackbeard text

GPS Worksheet - If you do not have a printer, please write the work out. The answers are on the last sheet so don't go ahead! Questions 1-4 are the warm up, questions 5-8 are the expected standard which I would like everyone to try them and questions 9-12 are for those of you that want to challenge yourself! Remember you can refer back to yesterdays GPS PowerPoint if you need to.Good Luck

Topic lesson -Message in a bottle

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Ahoy Crewmates,

Captain Blackbeard has abandoned you on a desert island! Can you send a message in a bottle to share your experience of being marooned on a beautiful tropical island.

Here are some templates to help you plan and publish your message. I have also attached some word mats to help you with your emotive and descriptive language. If you don't have a printer please don't worry, you can write your message out without using the templates.