Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Wednesday 3rd March

Live PE (Task 1)


In place of registration at 9.00-9.20am we are having a live PE lesson with Mr Carter and Mr Bennett. Butterflies please log in as normal and Ladybirds please use the Butterfly registration details sent to your email.

One Armed Robot Letters (Task 2)

Try practising your one armed robot letters, they al start by going down... up... and over! You could even try taping some pens together and writing.

Design a New Role Play Area (Task 3)


Mr Carter and Mr Bennett are getting the outside and inside areas ready for you to play in. What would you like there to be? What pretend play areas would you like us to make? Draw us a picture or write us a sentence to tell us.

Spellings | Jess in a Mess (Task 4)

Watch the video and join in with the activities to spell the words from 'Jess in a Mess'.

dribydaL ssalC emoH !gninraeL