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Wednesday 3rd March

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Design your own 3D volcano!

What type of volcano will you design?

What shape will it be? 

Will your volcano move or light up?

What resources might you need? (Examples could be paint, bottles, papier mache, card.)


Enjoy the creative process!




Today we are recapping and consolidating time.  We will be learning about months of the year - how many days are there in each month?  Does each month have the same number of days?  What does the sun have to do with the calendar?  Can you work out days and dates using a calendar?  


Below today's video and activities, you will find I have put another video.  Many of you found yesterday's maths lesson difficult and you were unsure what to do.  I have tried to explain and demonstrate this for you again, with some examples - I hope this helps you!

Maths Wednesday.mp4

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Tuesday Maths Help.mp4

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Using the same extract as yesterday and Monday, answer these questions........Our focus today is inference.


Please make sure you re-read the extract before answering the questions (don't rely on your memory).



Today we are practising using our knowledge of punctuation, adjectives, adverbs, powerful verbs and conjunctions to up-level or improve sentences.