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Wednesday 27th January

Wednesday's Introduction

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Topic - Part 1

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Find out about the Roman invasions on Britain. How many were there and who tried to invade Britain? What were the causes and consequences of the invasions?

Topic - Part 2: The spread of the Roman Empire

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When did the Roman Empire begin? What countries were invaded and conquered?

Maths - pictograms

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Inference is our focus today in reading.  To infer meaning, you need to be a great detective and 'read between the lines'.  Use clues in the text to infer meaning, for example, the girl sat alone in a flood of tears as she read the end of a story.  We could infer that the girl was feeling sad because she was crying and that the book she was reading had a sad ending.  

GPS-Present Perfect Tense and Past tense

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Today we can look at Past Tense( something that began and finished in the past) and Present Perfect Tense ( something that perhaps started in the Past but is still happening now or affecting the Present).

Art / Science

Have a look at some of artists using or showing shadows in their pictures.  Have a go at creating your own shadow pictures.  You could draw, paint, colour, crayon, chalk........whatever you have at home.  You could even make some shadow sculptures (the one in the picture is of people made from tin foil) - be creative!