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Wednesday 27th January

Big Bad Wolf 'Wanted Poster' (Task 1)


Oh no! The big bad wolf came into the classroom and huffed and puffed and blew the classroom to pieces! We need to find him so we can tell him how naughty he is. Can you create a wanted poster for the big bad wolf to display around your house? Use you phonics to sound out the words and use the below as an example. 



Days of the Week (Task 2)

Join Mr. Bennett in an input about the days of the week. Below are some additional activities you can join complete on your own.

Phonics - Silly Soup (Task 3)


Watch the video and find some things around the house to make silly rhyming soup with. If you're stuck for ideas have a hunt for these objects. After you could even try and write a recipe for your silly soup, use your Phonics to write what you put in it.





Silly Soup

Big Bad Wolf Huff and Puff Painting


Dollop some paint on a piece of paper and use your huff and puff to experiment by blowing around the paper. If you're feeling super creative try and turn it into a picture like in this video.


The Home Learning of Champions

The Lion, The Witch and the AMAZING HOME LEARNING