Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Wednesday 24th February

AAB Patterns - Body Percussion (Task 1)

Use your body to make some repeating patterns and play along to We Will Rock You

Queen - We Will Rock You

Music - Pitch and Patterns (Task 2)

Experiment with high and low sounds and play along to the song again.

Spellings for 'Rag the Rat' (Task 3)

Watch the video and join with the spellings activities for rat, hat, bat cat and mat. For an extra challenge can you write a sentence that includes two of these words?

Drawing and Labelling Your Wolf (Task 4)

Yesterday you completed your front cover, today you're going to complete the next page which is a labelled drawing of a wolf! Follow the steps set out by Mr. Bennett in the video below.

WOLF-derful Home Learning

Pawsome Home Learning...