Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning Year 1!


We hope you are all keeping well. Our activities for today are listed below:




1. Topic- Memorable animal experiences. PowerPoint/video posted below. 


2. Reading- Lost and Found. 

Video and questions posted below.


3. Maths- Count in 2s. 

Resources are posted in the documents below. 


4. Phonics- Activities are posted below.

Pupils should know which Phonics groups they were in last term, if unsure please email and we can assist.


5. PE-

This lesson will cover various Gymnastic balances as well as a very active warm up to get all children going.


6. Spellings- Video posted below.


7. Music- This week, we're going to recap our work from the last session and start learning about dynamics with Mr Jenkins.

Link posted below.


Please remember to send any pictures and work to


We cannot wait to see your lovely work and to give you some feedback. Have fun!



Today we will be discussing and writing about our memorable animal experiences. I would like you to find any pictures of animals you have seen on days out, or a picture of your pet or a family member’s pet. Please keep these to one side and we can show them in the Zoom registration call. I will show you pictures of my pets and then tell you about one of my memorable animal experiences. I would then like you to have a go at writing your own memorable animal experience. Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter, leave finger spaces between your words, include adjectives and finish your sentences with a piece of punctuation. Remember to include how the animal moved, if it made any noise, what the animal did and how you felt.


Today’s book is called ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers and it is read by Annie’s workshop. See if you can answer these questions with your parent as you go through the video, make sure you pause the video in places to give you a chance to answer. Feel free to answer the questions verbally or write your answers down if you want to.


  1. Where do you think the penguin came from?
  2. Why do you think the penguin is sad?
  3. How could the boy help the penguin?
  4. Where do penguins come from?
  5. What would you take to the South Pole with you?
  6. How would you describe the waves?
  7. What does lonely mean?
  8. Do you like the ending of the story? Why?


We are continuing to work on counting in 2s today. Try and use your knowledge of more than/less than to help you count. Can you count in 2s forwards and backwards? This is a great skill and one that needs a lot of practice. See how far you can get by counting in 2s as a warm up, then work through the PowerPoint and have a go at the worksheets. There is also a game attached for you to play against an adult or your sibling.



Hello KS1!


Have a watch of the video to see what we’re going to be covering in this week’s music session.

When you’ve watched it, have a go at finding the pulse and dynamics in some other music. You can pick anything you like (there are some ideas below), but whilst you’re doing it, try and think about how it makes you feel, and if you can link that to how fast or slow the pulse of the music is, or how loud and quiet it is.


You can keep practising this all week! Whenever you listen to music, find the pulse, and think about how you feel!


Good luck!


Mr Jenkins



Remember to do your practice test, ask your parent to test you. Try your best and do not worry about your score, you have until Friday to improve it.