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Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday's Welcome

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Topic - Tremors

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Today we are learning about how volcanoes are formed. We will look at the inside layers of the planet Earth and what tectonic plates are. We will watch a short video that explains what happens when a volcano erupts! What is inside a volcano? We take a look and learn the names of the different parts of the volcano.

Topic resources and activities



Today in maths we are recapping and consolidating multiplication and division.  We will be recapping equal

groups, multiplication as repeated addition, using arrays and bar models and using what we already know to find new and related number facts.  


Mrs Rhodes-Evans's group, there is an additional video for you to watch as it introduces column method multiplication (it is very short and please don't worry if you find this tricky - we will cover this with you when you return to school).  


Please try to complete the activities today as independently as you can.  Adults may read the question to you but please try to work out the calculations on your own - this will help us know what support we need to put in place for you all when we return.


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Today we are developing our prediction skills.  What do we know already about the volcano erupting?  What do we know about the events and the characters?  How are they feeling?  What general knowledge do you have about volcanos and places of safety?  What clever guesses can you make about what might happen next? 




We have been amazed with your descriptions of the volcano eruption and the new skills you are using in your writing - fantastic!  Today we learn about powerful verbs.  Let's change the boring everyday verbs (like said, ran and slept) to more exciting and adventurous verbs (like whispered, sprinted and snored maybe?).  Changing and choosing words carefully will make your writing more engaging and exciting for your reader.


We've also put a link to the BBC bitesize website to help remind you about verbs (in case you need it).