Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning.


This term our Topic is Wriggle and Crawl.

When we are back at school we will head into Forest School to identify minibeasts in their natural habitat. We’ll write a guide book for other children to use on a minibeast hunt, draw sketch maps of our minibeast hunting area and create minibeast stories and poems. We’ll explore trees and bushes to see what lives there, investigate how far and how fast a snail can travel and create a minibeast habitat of our own. We’ll draw delicate sketches of minibeasts, make models from a variety of materials and use microscopes to observe minibeasts up close. Our ICT skills will help us create a minibeast animation and we’ll observe a beehive through live webcam footage.  We’ll create a PowerPoint presentation, use scientific vocabulary to explain what we have learnt, display our artwork and perform our minibeast poems with musical accompaniment.


It is sure to be a fun term and made even more exciting with the knowledge that we will be back in the classroom sharing this experience with our friends.


Should have you any questions please remember to use the contact sheet on the previous page to contact

Mrs Schoeman or Miss Ross.


Below you will find the links for todays lessons. These include



-Guided Reading



-Times Tables

-Phonics (For those who have been instructed to continue with phonics)