Holy Trinity Church of England

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Wednesday 20th January

Phonics (Task 1)


Warm up for Phonics by recalling and finding the sounds in this spooky sounds game.


Read the story Zac the Rat and play the interactive word making games.


Have a go at writing some words or a sentence using the words we've been learning this week:

Phonics (Wednesday 20th January)

Ordering Shortest to Longest (Task 2)

Can you follow the activity and order 8 objects from shortest to longest?

Instructions to Make Porridge (Task 3)

Today we're learning a text map on how to make porridge! Can you re-tell the instructions?

Making the 3 Bears' Beds (Task 4)

Join Mrs. Sakhi to make beds for the three bears.

Longer, Same and Shorter.... than your foot! (Task 5)

Double maths today! Can you find objects that are longer, the same and shorter than your foot?

Bonus challenge... can you use a ruler or tape measure to record the length? Can you order the objects longest to shortest?

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