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Wednesday 20th January

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Topic / Science / Art

Today you will be learning more about reflection.  Have you ever heard of specular reflection or diffuse reflection?  Do you know the difference? Have you ever seen images or photographs that show reflection?  Your challenge today is to take photographs to show reflection so that we can create a Year 3 reflection gallery!  Get snapping!

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Spr3.5.1 - Subtract money

Today we will be learning to subtract money.

Times Tables


Today's challenge is Daily 10.  Before you start, you will need a piece of paper, with the numbers 1-10 down the side and a pencil.  

To set up the game:

Along the top there are 3 tabs (one purple, one blue, one green).

Choose your level on the purple tab (you have to choose level 2 or above).

Choose the topic (i.e. multiplication)

Choose the time - who is going to be brave and try 3 secs? 

Press play. 

The questions will be given and you need to write down the answer next to the question number. 

After all 10 questions have been asked, you can check your answers at the end. 

Who will get 10/10?  



Today our focus in reading is inference.  You will need to use your detective skills to find clues in the text that the author has left, for example, if the text says...... The warm sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, we could infer that the story was set on a sunny day, possibly in the summertime.  Inference is about clever guesses based on what the author has told us.  


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