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Wednesday 13th January

Happy Wednesday Year 3!!!


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Topic - Roman Mosaics


Today we will be finding out Roman mosaics and you are challenged to create your own mosaics.  You can use whatever medium you like - colouring pens and pencils, paper cut into small squares, small tiles (if you have any), I wonder what things you can find to use around your home (check with your adult first though!)

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Reading Comprehension

Today our focus in reading is developing our inference skills.  As you read through the text, look out for clues that the author gives you.  

Mr McDermott's Reading Group

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Hi, my reading group! I have used another extract from the same book and have made a video of me reading it to help your understanding and for you to hear the text being read. Our focus is inference today so a bit challenging but make sure you read the text and questions a few times.
Can't wait to see how you get on. Good luck!

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Today we will be continuing our learning of pounds and pence and we will be solving problems.


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This is the same video as yesterday because we are still working on the same objective today of Recognizing Direct speech. The difference today is we are looking at applying what we have learnt and reasoning.
Practise your Times Tables!  Choose a multiplication wheel - how quickly can you fill in the gaps?  Can you do it less than 2 minutes?  Have fun trying!