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What is it like to be the villain of the story?


Today, we will be looking into what it is like to be the villain of the story. We will identify some of the more famous villains of literature and be working out why everyone believes that they are so bad. We will be delving into their backstories and working out if they were just misunderstood all along. Watch the video to work through the lesson and complete one or more of the tasks at the end. Send us in your completed work in written or video format. We look forward to seeing and reading your varied responses. 


Take note...there is a part of my lesson video where I wanted to show you two clips however only the audio has worked. Whilst this is fine, you may like to see the full clips so I am uploading them below so that you can still watch them. Happy villaining!

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Miss Ramsay's Monologue