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Tuesday's Quest

Tuesday's Quest


* Read the 'Features of a Castle' text and answer questions based on it. 


*Complete the daily GPS quest to sharpen your grammar knowledge.


* Use the pictures and your knowledge of castle features to create a fact file on the different features of a castle. Take one feature at a time and write some sentences explaining what the feature is and why it was useful. You can use the pictures that are in the file below, draw some or find your own. Try to include some conjunctions like because, but, that, or, if, when and so. 



A drawbridge was a good defensive design feature that meant that enemies could be shut out and the people who lived in the castle could be kept safe. Castles that had moats often had drawbridges.


*Find some coins and practise counting money. Choose a pile of 3 or 4 different coins at a time and see if you can work out your total amount. 


*Use the Maths sheets uploaded below to improve your money counting skills. 


*People who lived during the Medieval period used to eat a sort of stew/soup called pottage. Use the recipe posted to have a go at making your own pottage. You could dunk your bread in it and have it for lunch or dinner. Be careful when you are cutting vegetables because knives can be sharp. Happy cooking!


*Design a model of a castle that you will build later in the week. Think about the materials that you will use and mechanisms. How will you create a drawbridge that lifts, closes and opens? Draw detailed plans including notes, diagrams and sketches. Make sure that you have all of the materials that you need in your house. You can build it from anything!



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