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Tuesday's Quest

Tuesday's Quests


* Read the news report about the 'First Man on the Moon'. Answer some questions based on the text. Notice the style of writing and the kind of language used. This will be helpful for your own newspaper reports. 


*Complete the daily GPS quest. 


*Plan your newspaper report about a dragon attacking a castle. You can make up the details - use your imagination and even the name of the castle if you want. Don't forget to use the five W questions to help you to plan your newspaper report. You can even make up some quotes or get your family involved. Get them to imagine that they were one of the knights or people in the castle at the time of the attack. How did they feel about it? How would they describe the dragon? You must add in details like date and time of day. Use the planning sheet to help you. You may want to watch the video to get some ideas too.


* Use your Maths skills to solve the Mystery of the Missing Sword. 


*Make a papier mache dragon mask and leave it to dry. We will paint it later in the week. 



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