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Tuesday's Quest

Tuesday's Quest


* Read and answer questions about Queen Elizabeth the first. She was a very famous British monarch who lived and stayed in many famous palaces and castles in her lifetime. One of her favourites was Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Did you know that William Shakespeare was writing plays during her reign?


*Complete the daily GPS task.


*Read the powerpoint - How to write an epic quest story. Plan out who your hero and who your monster will be. Draw a picture of both and write a character description for each of them. Include lots of fantastic adjectives to describe them. For example, the hero's eyes are bright sapphire blue but the monster has scarlet, angry eyes.


*Practise writing tallies correctly. What happens when you reach 5?


*Create your own survey to use to collect data. Begin by thinking of a question. Eg. What is my family's favourite sweet? What is my family's favourite chocolate bar? What is my friends' favourite cartoon? Create a tally chart so that you can collect data. Give your friends five options to choose from and then call, text or Zoom them to find out their answer. You can use your family or friends or both to collect the data.

Try to ask as many people as you can so that you get a good amount of data. Ten is probably the least you should ask.


Chocolate Bar Name Tally Total
Galaxy Chocolate Bar IIII 4
Aero Mint III 3


*Continue with your Science Rapunzel investigation. Begin to test your materials. Follow the investigation powerpoint for step by step instructions. Use the table you have been given or create your own. Make sure that it is a fair test. 


*Turn one of your favourite fairy tales or myths into a cartoon. Try to use one that has a castle or tower setting.