Holy Trinity Church of England

Primary School

Growing Tomorrow's Leaders

Tuesday 9th February



Today is 'Safer Internet Day,' all across the school we will be learning about how to stay safe online. This is really important, especially now with all the extra screen time we are having. We have lots of activities to help you remember the golden rules of staying safe online:


1. Tell an adult if you see something that makes you feel funny or you don't like.


2. Always ask an adult before using a tablet, phone or computer.


3. Never tell a stranger your personal information.


Checklist (Task 1)


Complete as many challenges as you can on the Safer Internet Day checklist. 

Storytime (Task 2)


Listen to Mr Carter and Mr Bennett read some stories about staying safe online.


Unplugged read by Mr. Bennett

Listen to Mr. Bennett read Unplugged... the internet is great fun but so is the outside!

Competition Time (Task 3)


Make an entry to the 'Safer Internet Day' competition. It can be a poster, a rhyme, a film, a rhyme, a song or whatever you like. Please send us your entries to be proudly displayed on the website.

Quiz Time (Task 4)


Complete the quiz to show us what you have learnt about staying safe online.


We are SNOW impressed with your learning...