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Tuesday 9th February

Tuesday Introduction

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Safer Internet Day!!!

Today is Safer Internet Day and we are learning about how to stay safe online! We have exciting activities for you to complete.



Digi Footprint

What do you like to do when you're online?  What games do you play?  Which websites are your favourite?  What apps do you use?  

Draw around your foot (or shoe) or print a copy of the footprint and decorate it to show all the things you do when you're online.  

Avatar Design

Have a go at designing your own avatar........


In computing, an avatar is a graphical representation of a user or the user's character or persona. It may take either a two-dimensional form as an icon in internet forums and other online communities or a three-dimensional form, as in games or virtual worlds.


What will your avatar look like?

A Modern Fairy Tale

Listen to (or read to yourself), the story of Goldilocks - A modern Tale.  Create your own modern fairy tale, thinking about technology and being safe online.

Goldilocks - A Modern Fairy Tale

#Goldilocks story

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Lee and Kim's Adventure

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Watch this amazing animated film about Internet safety. Can you design a poster, make up a song or create something to help remember the top tips of staying safe online?